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Captain Marvel

Posted: April 3, 2009 in DC Comics
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In one of my previous posts I posted some comic pages written by Denny O’Neil and pencilled by Don Newton that alluded to the Superman Vs Captain Marvel legal case that led to the defeat of the World’s Mightiest Mortal being defeated by the Man Of Steel in a courtroom and the cessation of Captain Marvel’s stories and the end of Fawcett Comics. This story from 1974 by Michael Uslan explains the ins and outs of DC legal action against Fawcett.






It must be said that the article is a little Superman biased, although this is to be expected since it was published in the Amazing World of DC Comics, especially as it doesn’t mention the biggest difference between Superman and Captain Marvel, which is their alter-egos. Clark Kent is a bespectacled grown up reporter, whilst Captain Marvel’s alter-ego Billy Batson is a child reporter who only becomes a superhero after saying the magic word SHAZAM!

There were lots of differences between Superman and Captain Marvel and the only reason why DC pursued Fawcett with this lawsuit was to get rid of their biggest challenger, as there were several other rival superhero comics that plagiarised Superman in a more blatant way but did not sell as well as Marvel Family comics.