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This amuses me for some reason. Perhaps it’s because I’d never think of Sylvester calling someone ‘Chinee”. Yosamite Sam maybe, but not Sylvester. BTW, doesn’t Sylvester know that nowadays most boomerangs are made in China?!

Sigh!!! Sometimes m0,,7047138,00y fellow Aussies really embarrass me. They can be really backwards especially when it comes to racial issues. OF COURSE RACISM DOESN’T OCCUR IN AUSTRALIA!!! Except it does but nobody really wants to admit it. Last night was a prime example of racism on prime time TV. Harry Connick appeared on the Hey Hey It’s Saturday Reunion show as a judge on Red Faces. One of the acts performed a ‘so called’ Michael Jackson tribute called Jackson Jive, performing in black face, which offended Connick and forced host Daryl Somers to make a public on air apology. Somers has since tried to downplay the incident claiming that Connick only found it offensive because he’s an American and that everyone else would accept the skit. Many Australian’s unfortunately agree with him.

I don’t blame Connick for being offended as my first thought of seeing Jackson Jive was “What the fuck are they doing. Connick’s from New Orleans and is going to be pissed off.” This thought raced through my head before even seeing the disgusted look on Harry’s face. How could they not think that a jazz/blues musician from the New Orleans would be a little upset at seeing a bunch of men in black face performing on stage. Many people have claimed that these guys were just imitating or satirising the Jackson 5 yet the exaggerated coal black face paint, white suits and big afro wigs suggested to me that it had more in common with minstrelsy iconography, at least in spirit, than a Motown parody. Of course this would offend Connick since minstrelsy was created by white people simply to make fun of African American music and culture, of which jazz and blues are a huge part of historically. Also the minstrels ridculed as buffoons many of the early pioneers of African American culture such as New Orleans’ WC Handy, the father of the blues and jazz , who himself performed in a minstrel show in his early career. minstrelsOf course Connick was going to be pissed.

The problem is that there are many people who think that performing black face is still appropriate and that it’s all Connick’s fault for getting upset about what is just a bit of harmless fun. They think that the black people who may have found it offensive should just get over themselves. They believe that we are just being politically correct and blah blah blah. This reasoning is of course total bullshit!!! Historically we have never really been that culturally or racially sensitive here in Australia. As I posted late last year, we had a brand of sweet called ‘Nigger Boy Licorice’ right up until the late 60s, whilst one of our most popular kids comic books of the 1950s (I forget what it was called) featured a Sambo character. Golliwogs are still very popular here and even though they originated in Egypt they now resemble the minstrels of the 19th century. I could even talk about Fox FM’s Matt Tilley and his ‘hilarious’ prank phone calls where he puts on a fake Chinese or Indian accent and how people think this is funny but I think it’s cringe worthy.We really need to be able to grow up and realise that some things are just no longer acceptable in the 21st Century. To make fun of someone based on their race, skin colour or religious beliefs is not being ‘politically incorrect’, it is being racist and offensive. We should not lament not being able to call someone a ‘wog’, ‘chink’ or ‘nigger’, but be glad that we are no longer so stupid to think that those derogatory terms are acceptible. Unfortunately from the reaction of people at this skit this looks to be a long way off.

Here is some TV show that denounces Walt Disney as being sexist and racist (shock, horror) among other things. Of course what they neglect to say is how just about everyone in the 1930s and 40s was racist and sexist, and in the 50s everyone was anti-communist or the fact that these are not exactly secrets anyway. It’s very one sided and Walt is an easy target as he’s been dead forty three years and can no longer defend himself.

I also like how they got Bill Melendez to make his comments. If I remember correctly he only worked at Disney for a few years before going to Warner Bros. Bill of course would have hated working at Disney, and instead liked the atmosphere at Warners where he and Clampett used to just muck around, blah, blah, blah.

This morning I was watching Sky News Australia and saw that some Hindu extremists in New Delhi had decided to burn an effigy of Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd because… um, I don’t know why they are doing it. They say it’s to protest about Australia’s racism against Indians in the wake of the recent spate of violent attacks in Melbourne, but this makes no sense. What do they expect Kevin Rudd to do; don a pair of tights and a cape and singlehandedly fight this crime himself?

Then again it seems that in Delhi they burn effigies of world leaders on every other day, so this is no big deal. Perhaps we should have burnt effigies of the Indian Prime Minister last year when Indian cricket spectators racially made monkey chants at Australian cricketer Andrew Symmonds?

This is another one of those great PSA’s that DC Comics ran between the 1940s and 1970s. Racism seemed to be a very big issue in these advertisements.

I love these PSA advertisements that DC Comics ran in the 40s and 50s. I previously posted a Batman one a few months ago.

EC Comics – Undercover

Posted: December 14, 2008 in EC Comics
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Here’s another infamous EC Comics’ story from Shock Suspenstory #6 drawn by Wally Wood. While I think it tries to show how evil the Ku Klux Klan is and was probably wild for an early 50s story, but is probably tame by today’s standards. Even so, it is a rare story (not for EC though) where evil triumphs over good.

One sad thing about the elction of President Barack Obama to the White House is that the membership of the Ku Klux Klan has again been on the rise. It seems that the a lot of scared white folks (not just) in the south, are fearful that a black president will… who knows what these looneys are scared of.

Yesterday I posted a cartoon from Youtube on the blog about Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. You would think that this would be the least political thing that I could have done? Apparently my post was spammed by some Indian blogger who wanted to inform me about the things that s/he thinks India should do to Pakistan in response to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last month. Yep, I can see how that relates to a cartoon about Santa Claus’ favourite reindeer. I am so glad that the Indians and Pakistanis are really getting into the spirit of the season by suggesting that their governments unleash their nuclear arsenals on each other so as to wipe themselves off the face of the earth.

This is another EC Comics story with a racial theme, this time dealing with Holocaust survivors and the tormentors and what would happen if they confronted each other after the war. This story appeared in one of EC’s New Direction books, issue 1 of Impact and seems to have been quit an influential comic story too and there is a surprising twist at the end.

More about that racist licorice!

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Advertising
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I just thought that I would continue on from my two posts about Nigger Boy licorice, a brand of candy that was very popular in Australia from the 1940s until the mid-1960s. I have already made a couple of posts about it here and here.

Whilst I don’t have much information about this brand I do have some more pictures of the advertising that they used.

While these ads may be quite shameful for present day Aussies I feel that we really need to remember that it was not that long ago that we did not think twice about using the word ‘nigger’. Even today some people do not think that the n-word is all that offensive, as can be seen in the late 1990s and early 2000s, when Toowoomba thugby fans were outraged that anyone could be offended that they had named a stand of their sports stadium after E.S. ‘Nigger’ Brown. (Mmm… would it be so hard to have called it the E.S. Brown stand. Hang on, I forgot, Toowoomba is in Queensland and Queenslanders aren’t exactly known for their tolerance or intelligence!)