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This is something that I originally posted on my other blog way back, but whoever posted it onto Youtube had it taken off. Back in the original incarnation of Sesame Street Filmation used to animate little segments featuring Batman and Superman. These segments had the superheros trying to teach important things to kids in the same spirit as Sesame Street.

Here we have Batman teach Robin about the safest way to cross the street. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be worried about the Joker, who has been knocked over by a truck and fallen down a man hole. Poor Joker!


Batman’s Arabian Nights

Posted: February 23, 2009 in Batman, DC Comics, The Joker
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Here’s another Joker story that was referenced in Gaiman and Kubert’s ‘Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader’. I do have three of the four Joker stories that were referenced in that one panel by Kubert, although I’m not sure if I will post Gaggy’s moment of glory. I must say that Kubert must have just been looking at old Batman and Detective Comics covers when he did that panel, because if he had of read this story he would have realised that it does not feature the Joker as such, but instead time travel and some guy from 1000 years ago who looks like the Joker. It also features the Batman tickling the Joker doppelgagger.

The Joker Follows Suit

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Batman, DC Comics, The Joker
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It’s been a little while since I posted. I have been very busy and I really haven’t had much to blog about. Anyway here is an interesting story featuring the Clown Prince of Crime. This story was briefly referenced in the recent issue of Batman, “Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader?”

I am putting a brief hiatus on my posting of Joker stories. Whilst the Joker is undoubtedly my favourite of all comic book characters, I feel that I must move onto other things. I will still try to post at least one Joker story a week, and to do more features on the Clown Prince of Boners, but it won’t be as overwhelming as it has been over the last fortnight. I have been meaning to write something in depth, rather than just post scans of old comic stories, but have been a little too busy to do so. I will still do this, as well as look at the current runs of Grant Morrison and Paul Dini on Batman and Detective Comics respectively, as soon as I get the chance.

Here is the final Joker story for at least a week, The Man Who Wrote The Joker’s Jokes.

I have just started reading Batman: Lovers and Madmen by Michael Green and Denys Cowan. In the forward to the book Brad Meltzer states that this is a great book and a great Joker story and that Green understands the Joker character extremely well. I may not be a best selling author like Meltzer, but I beg to differ, as I could not even finish this piece of crap.

This story, which aims to be the definitive version of the Joker’s comic book origin, is just terrible. It does not even bother to build on previous Joker origin stories like The Man Behind The Red Hood or Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, and instead seems to have much more in common with the Jack Nicholson Joker from the 1989 movie than anything else. In fact, in Green’s story there is no mention of the Red Hood and worse still, this Joker has a real name. I’m not one of those people who expect continuity to be fixed and strictly followed, yet here Green just shits in the face of the writers who created the previous Joker origin tales by not even acknowledging them at all.

This is where I have a big problem with DC’s policy of trying to entice people from outside the comics’ industry to come in and write comic stories. They encourage people like Brad Meltzer, Michael Green and Jodi Picoult to write horrible stories and wonder why long time fans stop buying the books or criticize them on the internet. I don’t care if someone has written a New York Times best seller, or is the head writer for the hottest show on TV, I just want someone who has a least read some comic books to be the ones writing them. Is that too much to ask?

Batfans often cringe about the 60s Batman show, but as a kid I loved it. It was my favourite show and I really wish that it was released onto DVD. Here is one of the more um… interesting episodes which really has to be seen to be believed… Yes, I know it looks stupid now… but hey I thought it was cool when I was 7…

Here’s a story that has become infamous in the last couple of years thank to Superdickery. This is due to the Joker’s excessive use of the word boner, which I guess was not considered to be a double entendre back in the 1950s.

This has now been fully updated. Unfortunately I pulled my own boner by uploading these files to Photobucket. I didn’t ever expect this post to be so popular as I have now exceeded my bandwidth on Photobucket.