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Kill Them All

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Movie Review
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At the moment everybody is raving about James Cameron’s Avatar but I for one will never see this movie ever in my life time. Sure it’s a big budget 3D blockbuster with lots of special effects and critics have been raving about it… but…


Apparently we are meant to feel sympathetic about these creatures from Uncanny Valley, the Na’vi, losing there habitat, but in my opinion these things should be killed off. How could anyone see these things and not want them destroyed? What exactly was Cameron smoking when he thought that we could root for these freaks.

Like all CGI creations this one cannot smile. It just looks constipated.

I know that it’s cool to use CG and motion capture when making adventure movies but please give it a rest. I’m begging.

The stuff of nightmares.

James Cameron is usually a pretty dependable film maker unlike Robert Zemeckis who has made a couple of ventures into Uncanny Valley, the problem is that no matter how spectacular the film is these creatures will have me freaking out.

You know, it would probably have been better if they just got some actors to don some blue paint and make-up rather than to have these freakish computer generated images.
Apparently Cameron has loaded the film with criticisms of George W Bush and climate change sceptics but who cares really? Others have claimed that he lifted the plot from straight from the movie Fern Gully. I don’t really care about that as these disturbing creatures are just freaking me out.