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These are the things that I predict will happen in 2011…

  • AFL footballers will be involved in a scandal of some sort
  • If Colllingwood players are involved in the above scandal Neil Mitchell and Derryn Hinch will be champing at the bit to see who can report it first
  • The AFL scandal will probably involve St Kilda players
  • NRL players will be involved in a bigger scandal than the AFL players, possibly one involving a family pet, a hotel room and human excrement
  • On the first day in 2011 when the temperature dips below 25 degrees Andrew Bolt will write that there is no such thing as global warming and use this as proof that the earth is cooling
  • Andrew Bolt will continue to blame the Labor government for everything, regardless of whether they are involved or not, and his readers will agree with everything he says
  • Ted Baillieu will prove to be as ineffective as Brumby but will have the full support of the Herald Sun
  • Metro trains will continue to run late
  • The media will report stories about useless people like Paris Hilton etc as if they are of Earth Shattering importance
  • Andrew Bolt will continue to be a mouthpiece for the oil and mining industries. There will be another oil spill which he will say is good for the environment
  • Women’s magazines such as New Idea and Woman’s Day will continue to make stuff up
  • We will have more channels on TV but there will still be nothing worth watching
  • The Herald Sun will continue to act as Tony Abbott‘s mouthpiece
  • Actually the whole of NEWSLTD will act as Tony Abbott’s mouthpiece
  • The majority of music released in 2011 will be unlistenable
  • My rent will increase in April but I may or may not get a pay rise in July
  • More boats will come regardless of who is Prime Minister
  • Osama bin Laden will evade capture
  • Rupert Murdoch will continue to campaign against Obama
  • FOX News will continue to be fair and balanced… to the right
  • Channel 7’s football coverage will continue to be woeful

This is about all I can come up with at the moment


It’s been an interesting week from the Herald Sun’s gossip columnist, technology expert, economists, climatologist, entertainment reporter, political analyst, movie critic, social networking guru, freedom of information specialist, opera lover, philanthropist, civil rights activist, race relations expert Andrew Bolt, who did not wait more than a second after the news of last week’s Christmas Island tragedy before making assertions that Prime Minister Gillard has blood on her hands because Labor’s softening of asylum seeker laws have forced illegal immigrants to come here. It has nothing to do with the war in Iraq or the barbarism (to quote Bolt’s favourite word) of the Iranian leaders, but everything to do with our laws. This seems a rather simplistic view to me.
At first I believed that Bolt was just using this tragedy to make a political point but I fear his intentions are a little more sinister. In reality this has nothing to do with asylum seekers, Christmas Island or Julia Gillard and everything to do with Bolt’s ego. I believe that he has simply gone so far over the top just to increase his own notoriety and get a share of the spotlight as the more publicity he gets, the more people who buy a newspaper or visit his blog. He doesn’t care if they are doing these things because they agree with him or because they are outraged, all he cares is that they are doing it.

One of Bolt’s fans has the solution to everything…

we wouldnt have the problem of labour and the greens if we changed the system of voting, why dont more successfull people have a bigger say? a junkie has an equal vote as a ceo?? this is a disgrace! people should be judged on wealth and education on how much their votes worth, this would keep the greens out!

richandproud of kew (Reply)


I swear that this is the last post that I am going to make about this. I guess that the good thing about being a Collingwood supporter is that there is always going to be a lot of merchandise featuring our beloved Magpies as Collingwood fans are renowned as being big spenders and there are so many of us, but this has almost become ridiculous. I am talking in respect to the 2010 Premiership Poster or should that be posters, as there are a few of them available.

First up is the Herald Sun poster by Knight (not WEG). I already have a few of these signed by Mark Knight. The poster is OK but not fantastic, but it is the only official Premiership poster. I guess most Pies fans would have several of these but if not they can be purchased at the Herald Sun shop in Southbank or online at the Herald Sun website or from the Good Friday Appeal website. They are $2 with proceeds going to the Good Friday Appeal.

The next poster is the 2010 WEG Art poster. Apparently before he died WEG made sketches for posters of all the teams mascots so that the tradition could be continued after his death. Not sure if that is true but I do know that this poster is more attractive than the Knight version. I do have this one but it cost me $15, including postage. Apparently Legends & Heroes in Richmond stock it for just $2 with the proceeds being donated to the Fight Cancer Foundation. It’s being sold at the WEGArt website for $10 plus postage.

The next poster is the WEG’S World one which is the official website for reprints of WEG’s posters. I’m not really sure of the difference between WEG’s World and WEGArt. Their poster is by Paul Harvey and is OK. It has sorta grown on me and I may purchase this if I could be bothered. If is available from the WEG’s World site starting at $10.

Also at that site is the Limited Edition posterof the Draw Grand Final. This is selling for $29.50 from the WEG’s World site. I wonder why there has not been more Draw merchandise released?!

The final poster is one that I just discovered today and is the one that seems to be the least publisised. As far as I know it is not available on Ebay as the others are but only available from the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria. It is known as the Joffa Premiers Poster after the well known Collingwood cheer squad leader who does a lot of fundraising work for the Epilepsy Foundation. The prices start at $20 which includes delivery and it comes in a number of styles, including one signed by Joffa himself. It does look very good and I am tempted to buy one. It is in the WEG style but is by Allan Purvis. It’s better than the WEG’s World posters by Harvey and almost as good as the Knight and WEGArt ones.

If there are any people who really love Joffa, you can also purchase a Joffa Bobblehead doll from the Epilespy Foundation for $30.

There is another one which Joffa got made up to use as an avatar on Nick’s Bulletin Board. To my knowledge it’s not official and is just a one off but it is perhaps the best of all the posters that have been made.

Would it be overkill to buy all of these or at the very least the Knight, WEGArt and Joffa Epilepsy ones?

There was a poll out yesterday that said that if a Federal election were to be held right now then the Liberal party would be swept to power. Are people so stupid? Surely voting for Labor is voting for the lesser of two evils. I don’t trust either party and wish that there was at least one more viable alternative, but the entire Liberal party campaign has been based on spreading xenophobia throughout the community. “We will stop the boats.” says Tony Abbott… How will he do that? Has Tony promised to go to Sri Lanka to negotiate with the Sri Lankan government to stop persecuting with the Tamils? Is he personally going to go to Afghanistan to smoke out Osama bin Laden and singlehandedly crush the Taliban? Is the arrival of 4000 boat people really that much of a problem? Other countries in our region such as China have a much bigger problem with refugees than we do yet we never see accusations that President Hu is soft on illegal immigrants. Of course it is much easier to use empty slogans rather that really trying to solve this problem.

Another of Tony’s pledges is to cut immigration. Why exactly? Are migrants such a problem? I know that there are some people who wish that we could go back to having a White Australia policy, but we should really not be pandering to these people. I heard Julia Gillard talk about not wanting a big Australia and suggesting that we may be too crowded to accept as many migrants as we have been. This is crap as there are smaller countries with far less resources than have much bigger populations than we do. The only reasons why Gillard and Abbott have made immigration an issue is because they are banking on Australians being closed-minded and xenophobic, and they are both so intent to prove that they are financially responsible that they won’t spend any money on the resources, services and infrastructure that this country needs.

It really annoys me that both parties are beating up on migrants but I wonder why Abbott has gone out of his way to beat up on international students. He wants less international students coming to study here and wants to make it harder for them to stay once their course is over. I think he is working on the ignorant perception that most people think that international students take up the places of local students when in reality the opposite is true. As international students pay full fees upfront that are in no way subsidised by the government I wonder how universities will make up the funding short-fall should Abbott win the election and put this policy into place. Then again Abbott’s mentor John Howard was the guy who pushed for Aussie students to pay upfront fees, so I guess that policy will be extended further. As for trying to discourage international students from staying once their course is over, it is something else I don’t understand. This is especially the case when we look at our chronic doctors shortage, which is a course where we only want to take the best of the best students. We don’t want to lower the standards of entry into medicine just so we can accept more local students, so it only makes sense that we take the best overseas students too, however it also makes sense that after we’ve trained these kids that we would then encourage them to stay here to make up the shortage of doctors we have here. Surely it’s better to have Australian trained doctors than to import another Jayant Patel to make up for any shortage?

I do have a few more questions and observations. Yesterday Tony Abbott was speaking about his policy of early intervention for kids with disabilities which astonishingly was released the day after Julia Gillard announced her similar policy. Abbott was talking and said something along the lines of… “We have implemented this policy to help the families of a disabled…” that is not the exact quote although the ‘families of a disabled’ part is what he said which I thought was odd. He did not say ‘of a disabled child’ or ‘child with a disability’ but ‘families of a disabled’. Perhaps it was just a slip of the tongue but I found it interesting. I must also say that I get annoyed anytime he says the words ‘somethink’ or ‘anythink’. I know hit is a minor issue but poor diction really annoys me, especially when it comes to the mispronunciation of ‘anything’ and ‘something’. The only thing that would annoy me more would be if he started substituting the word ‘pacifically’ for ‘specifically’.

I also have to ask why the Murdoch press is campaigning so hard for Abbott? His election campaign is much easier than Gillard’s because the Herald Sun is openly endorsing him as Prime Minister. It is bad enough that Kevin Rudd is campaigning for the Liberals. Perhaps Rupert is upset that for the first time his preferred candidate lost the 2007 election that he is going out of his way to ensure that it won’t happen again? Maybe he is just trying to appease the small-minded, xenophobic sheep who read more than just the sports pages of the Herald Sun? At least the don’t try to fool us into believing that they are ‘fair and balanced’ like Fox News in the US does. Personally I think that the media should try to provide a balance for their readers so that they can make up their own minds instead of trying to openly influence than to vote one way or another. (Yes, I’m very naive!)

Anyway these are my opinions. I just wish that when Australia goes to vote we at least put more thought into it than if we were voting for who wins Australian Idol. Instead of being like sheep and just doing what everyone else does or what Mr Murdoch wants us to know we should actually sit down nad deeply consider all the ‘so called’ policies.

I have been trawling thought the 3AW website and some of the opinions of their listeners and some of their presenters, is even worse than the Herald Sun’s. Of course when you think of hard-hitting political and current affairs you think of this guy…
Apparently John Michael (oooohhhhh aaaaaahhhhh) Howson is upset about Muslim women having their faces covered by burqas because… I don’t know. It can be found here. (Is John Michael Howson gay? I never knew.) I do find it weird when flamboyantly gay men are extreme right wingers and show the amount of intolerance and hatred that Howson does. I guess it’s OK for him to be different but nobody else is allowed to be.

Of course radio (and TV) presenters are supposed to show leadership and reasoning on issues (hahahahaha) rather than just leading the sheep in a bigoted chorus of rubbish. I always thought that to be in the media and to present opinions on matters like this you need some degree of intelligence and not just be some flamboyant guy who was a Hollywood gossip reporter twenty years ago.
As for Darren James… someone should just tell Hinch that all James does is agree with the bigoted opinions of Howson and not try to regulate the debate. From what I know the guy has no backbone to express his own opinion but just says “I agree John Michael” before mentioning some brand name that he may or may not be endorsing.

Anyway here are some of the people who commented on the burqa issue on the 3AW website. Be aware that these comments are the most nonsensical that I could find…

After reading some of the comments here I am alarmed at the level of ignorance by some who consider themselves so “tolerant” of Islam.
Take a look at some of the countries where Islam has managed to take hold and see just how much that country has changed. When they are in small numbers, they are meek and don’t demand too much. As soon as their numbers grow sufficiently they start to demand and change. They demand that we respect them even though they don’t respect us. They demand that we change our way of life to suit them. If they don’t like this country or any other country then they should not migrate there. Stick with what you love I say. If they want to mimic an Islamic country, then they should’ve stayed in an Islamic country. They only reason they come here is to conquer one way or another. Just take time to look at the countries where they have grown in sufficient numbers and all will be revealed.
Peggy Wednesday 23 June, 2010 – 7:09 PM

Yes Peggy, they are coming to get us. The real issue here is not us wanting to ban the freedom of choice that Muslim women have to wear a face covering, but the fact that they are going to force every woman in Australia to wear one. Bwahaha. I can just imagine Osama Bin Laden hatching his worldwide burkha plot now…

Well said John-Michael Howson!!!! It IS UnAustralian!!!
‘In my 40 years as a Muslim woman I have never felt so oppressed.’ Yeah well go live in Saudi Arania then you’ll really have something to whinge about and take that dill Hinch with you since he loves burqas so much!!!!
clown fan club Friday 21 May, 2010 – 10:00 AM

Sigh! I thought it was un-Australian to dictate to people what they can and cannot wear. I hear people say that Muslims want to come here because Australia is a free country, which in their opinion is good BUT… we should take away part of that freedom and tell them that they cannot cover their face if they want?
By the way, why all the fuss about Muslim women wearing burqas but no fuss over young men wearing hoodies.

i believe that if people choose to come to live in australia they also choose to fit in to our way of life.i visited malaysia an the people there were mainly muslem but they didnt get round in why is it such an issue here.if i as a woman was to travel to dubbi i would have to wear a head covering to be allowed in to there country to fit in to thier city so why carnt they show us the same respect.?
vanessa Tuesday 18 May, 2010 – 6:49 PM

Yeah if people live in Australia they should fit into our way of life… which includes being able to spell correctly too.

Neil Mitchell also had something to say on this issue more recently and again the uneducated and ill-informed were out in force…

Jake you are half right,ban the burqa only when need to,like when you come to AUSTRALIA!And we have every right to create this law if we want to.Dont like it? Stiff, move to where it is accepted because we dont want it now or EVER!!!!
Darrell Tuesday 20 July, 2010 – 10:03 AM

This = robust debate

I have the solution to all these problems with Muslims.Send them all back to wherever they came from and we would not be having all of these issues and debates.They can do whatever they like in their countries,but do not come to ours and expect us to change to suit them.Everything we do “offends” them.Why?.They freely chose to live in another country so respect their customs etc as you demand us to accept yours in our countries.They can’t accept that other cultures have different ideas and traditions and want to destroy them and inflict and force their ideas on us and get rid of the very way of life that allowed them to come here and live freely and practice their ideas.Imagine us going to one of their countries and trying to do what they do in western countries.How long until we were dead.I can see no reason why they are allowed to live here.
steve Thursday 15 July, 2010 – 4:35 PM

More robust debate. People who oppose common sense (ie-me) on this issue aren’t racist or rednecked… as Steve above proves.

Kazz you are living in the wrong country till you have the decency to pack up shaking off the sacred Australian soil off your boots as you get on the next return boat to Bulkastan.
MaryAnne Thursday 15 July, 2010 – 11:45 AM

Even more robust debate…

Prime Minister, this is a FREE democratic country and it will remain that way, regardless of any attempt of branch stacking in the NSW Labor movement, to elect selective Muslim candidates~! Your leftist Immigration Department & cretins like Pamela CURR can encourage Tamil Tigers to ‘lose’ their identity papers, but Christian Democracy will STILL prevail~! Sharia Law is NOT welcome in this country~! Unless you want a bloody civil war on our streets, don’t go there~! You were elected by a Christian Majority, not a Muslim minority~! Get with the program~!
Lenny Thursday 15 July, 2010 – 11:13 AM

This is a free and democratic country… unless you are a Muslim woman who wishes to wear a burqa…

ts a simple maths solution ban the burka+the hijib+the religion=PEACE
garry Wednesday 14 July, 2010 – 4:24 PM

Yes by banning Islam in Australia we will remain a peaceful country… just like Northern Ireland…

Australia has rules like any other country. People should abide by them and join in our Culture when they come here the same as we would have to do if we went to their counry. — It possibly could be one way of creating PEACE in the world

judiann Wednesday 14 July, 2010 – 1:36 PM

Where is the law against covering your face in public? I always thought part of the Aussie larrikin culture was that rules were only there to be broken. Guess this is something else that has disappeared from the Australian psyche recently, just like ‘no dobbing’.

Ban it.
If we approve the Burka we approve slavery and repression of women.
Try and wear what you want in a middle eastern country – good luck !!
Paul Wednesday 14 July, 2010 – 1:18 PM

But if we ban it we are telling women what they can and can’t wear, which means that we are repressing them even further…

In espousing that Banning the Burka is a racist issue you are showing your mental deficiancy.
France is a true secular society whereas we are not, if we were, no taxpayer funding would be spent on the tax free church industry. In a secular society all people are treated equally, whereas there is no such equality in Australia
Rene Wednesday 14 July, 2010 – 1:03 PM

Huh!!! Australia is an independent country who should make up her own mind and not takes cues from others… especially France…

Ban the people and then there will be no more disgussions on the burqa, they are not to be trusted.
janet page Wednesday 14 July, 2010 – 11:36 AM

I can’t trust people who can’t spell discussion either.

When Neil was little bet his mother used to play the hide and seek scare game with him and used to wear that stuff, that’s why he is so fond of it. Struth!
Now he is even not much for school uniforms because the bulkas will not be allowed there. Further he will have difficulty sitting at the table with his Arab and Turkish friend at their restaurants. I am safe because I don’t even eat that stuff of theirs let alone having anything to do with them.
Ben Wednesday 14 July, 2010 – 11:19 AM

What’s a bulka? By the way, if you have nothing to do with Muslims then how the hell do you know what the hell you are talking about? This is what I mean about stupid people voicing their ignorant and stupid opinions. It’s amazing how ignorant the people who post at the new sights are and how the let their true feelings run free. I guess they do so because the are allowed to do it anonymously and that people won’t know in real life just what dumbarses they really are. The sad thing is that these people who can barely write will be voting on August 21st. Be afraid… very afraid.

The other day Julia Gillard said that she welcomed the asylum seeker debate and that people who were against asylum seekers weren’t necessarily rednecks. I beg to differ as I have read some of the comments posted on the Herald Sun website about this issue. The most surprising thing (well maybe not) is that the HS isn’t even bothering to moderate the comments now and that a lot of the most vile comments are not getting wiped off the site. Sadly these people get to vote too.

On the topic of West Wimmera Council proposing to process asylum seekers

John of Glen Waverley Posted at 5:26 AM Today
They have their own country and they should stay there. What happened to Australia? I am tired of being part of the only 10% caucasians on the train.

So John you’d vote for whoever proposes to bring back the White Australia Policy in order to fight back the yellow peril invading Australia?!

les.smith of melbourne Posted at 12:08 AM Today
Miss guided fools,you think this will help your communities think again. The Tamils want to set up a new base after being defeated so they can continue on with the war of terror and guess who they picked good old stupid Australia with all its stupid citizens looking on. The same goes for the Muslim’s do you think they will be any different think again,just look at Europe and the U.K to see the results there and these fools in Victoria want to help them achieve there long term plan. One other point look closely at just how well the Muslim Lebanese have integrated and they have had since the 70s to achieve integration and it has not happened yet and never will.

Nope… not racist at all…

A couple of days ago the mayor of King Island also said he’d like to process some asylum seekers there… here’s what people think of that…

Zella of Adelaide Posted at 7:26 AM July 18, 2010
King Island, Mayor if you need more population then take some of out of work Australians not the Back door invaders, there are plenty of our own people who would jump at the chance to live on King Island just try, CHARITY begins at home If King Island takes the illegal people, it will be the last I buy anything branded King Island and I hope other people do the same

Zella have you heard of full stops and question marksm by using them it makes your sentences easier to read and makes you look a lot less stupid, commas don’t really work the same way as those other punctuation forms that I mentioned

rachel Posted at 8:08 AM July 18, 2010
That’s it – I won’t be visiting beautiful KI ever again if we allow this to happen. These people are illegal boat people and are not wanted here at all. All they’ve done is start dividing people on what should happen to them. NOT IN MY COUNTRY, PLEASE. Complete lack of foresight on behalf of the KI mayor and council.

So rachel owns Australia now?

John of Kewarra beach/Cairns Posted at 8:32 AM July 18, 2010
Why not sending these parasites to Antarctica instead and let them freeze for a year.

This is the problem when you have people from other states commenting on Victorian issues… John it is colder in King Island than Antarctica.

Pat Rooney of Eire Posted at 8:47 AM July 18, 2010
They should push people into asylurms. I spent 2 years in one and it was unpleasent.

No comment!

Michael of Rosebud Posted at 9:28 AM July 18, 2010
OMG have that lot gone brain dead down there are is it the result of in breeding. What a bunch of idiots.

Is this the type of robust debate that Gillard wants us to have? One in which we resort to petty insults and offensiveness?

Kelly of Hoppers Crossing Posted at 10:40 AM July 18, 2010
Yeah, and watch all the people smugglers target that island to the point of overflow, this is not a solution but another target for asylum seeker boats to pinpoint on their maps!!! STOP BOATS BEFORE THEY REACH OUR SHORES, now there’s a sensible solution!

Does Kelly know where King Island is? Or where the asylum seekers are coming from? To put it in perspective she thinks that they will sail from Indonesia, down the Western Australian coastline, around the South Australian Basin and then into Bass Strait. This is three times the distance from Christmas Island to Australia.

John of Montrose Posted at 12:17 PM July 18, 2010
These people are not asylum seekers, they are plain and simple queue jumpers with a few terrorists thrown in for good measure. Rudd was a first class dud and Gillard won’t do much better because the same motley crew of advisers are around her and kissing babies won’t cut it either. I can’t see her winning this election unless she starts sending these people back now.


Ernie of Geelong Posted at 3:27 PM July 18, 2010
If that happens I will boycott anything that is produced from Islamic state of Hal Al island

Some more obust debate with some name calling thrown in.

This is why there can be no debate on this issue in Australia. Every time you talk about the refugee issue people start throwing around insults and hysterical comments like the one above. It is also difficult to argue with someone about an issue when the other person has no idea of what they are talking about either.