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Here’s an interesting article by Mark Evanier about the Fox and the Crow comic books that DC used to published for 20 or so years. It comes from the Amazing World of DC Comics #13, October 1976. It’s an interesting article about how this duo made the transition from animation to comic books. I must admit that I am quite fond of the Fox and Crow cartoons that I have seen, especially Tashlin’s the Fox and the Grapes, even though this cartoon is atypical of the rest of the series that was directed by Bob Wickersham.

I have found a few scans of the old Fox and Crow cartoons that I may post in the future. I must say that Evanier’s comment about people being more appreciative of ‘funny animal’ comics no longer holds up today, especially at DC where superheroes reign supreme. Today at DC their funny animal comics Looney Tunes comics are aimed squarely at children and tend to be poorly written and marketed.