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Peace On Earth

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Comic Books, DC Comics, PSA
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In November DC Comics are releasing a hardcover reprint of the legendary 1978 SUPERMAN VS. MUHAMMAD ALI comic book.

I do have an old, beat up copy of that book that I purchased from Ebay about a decade ago but I will probably get the new version as well.

Now if only DC would re-release another earlier crossover Superman story where he fought against wrestling champion Antonino Rocca

Perhaps in the coming weeks I will post the Superman stories written by Jack Kirby where the Man of Steel meets his greatest nemesis… Don Rickles.

Read more about Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali at Dial B For Blog.

No really…

The Batmobile must be pretty wide to fit Batman, Robin and Fatman on the front seat.

Obviously the Batman writers were taking the piss here…

This is another “unique” Bat-story of the 1950s that shows just why most people disregard this era of the Caped Crusader’s career.

Perhaps DC should put out a collection of Weird Tales from Gotham City. It could be filled with all the stupid stories from the 1940s, 50s and 60s such as the one above. It could feature the ‘many strange transformations of Batman, like the stories where he turned into a giant, merman, gorilla etc. There could also be a section on all the many times Batman travelled back in time, fought aliens or met others that he inspired such as Fatman, Batboy, Mogo the Bat-gorilla, Batmite, Ace the Bathound, Batman Jones etc. I’m not sure it would sell many copies although I am sure some people would pick it up just for a laugh.

I have a few of these ads on my computer. They are kinda cute. From the early 40s.

I guess that in the 1940s people had to be told these things.

After a quick check I can confirm that this is not on

Americommando was a back up feature in Action Comics during WWII.