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Just as I said the other day here, you have to be wary of Channel 10’s broadcast times for the Chinese F1 Grand Prix this weekend. The time that Channel 10 has advertised that the race will be broadcast is at 11.40pm on Sunday night, which is also the time that the Herald Sun newspaper has it listed as. However, after just looking at the RPM website, I have now noticed that Channel 10 is saying that they will broadcast the race at 10.30pm. Yes, it seems that at this late stage they have moved the broadcast time to a more reasonable, but still very much delayed, time. (And of course they are not making a huge song and dance of this, just like Japan last year, so as to get minimum viewers!!!)

So, what will Channel 10 be showing at the real time that the Grand Prix is being run?! Formula One qualifying!!! Channel 10 obviously believes that we would all much prefer to watch qualifying than the actual race. Who knows what the brainiacs at our Home Of Motorsport will do next?!

It should also be noted that we won’t be getting to see the Japanese Grand Prix next week live either. They have advertised the broadcast time as being at 11.05pm. It is perhaps understandable that this will be delayed as the V8s will be racing at Bathurst at the same time!!! Hopefully they won’t do what they did last year and show a condensed Japanese GP straight after the “taxis”. We missed around 1/3 of the most exciting race of the year!!!

Channel 10 calls itself the Home of Motorsport but I think a more apt title would be the Home of Repeat Episodes of The Simpsons!!! Seriously!!!

This thread on the RPM Pitboard Forum is dedicated to 10’s shabby treatment of those of us who wish to watch the Chinese Grand Prix at a reasonable hour!!!



One of my passions other than comic books is Formula One motor racing. I have been following this sport since the first Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide in 1985. One thing that has been annoying me in recent years is the way that Channel 10 is treating their loyal F1 viewers, with their inability to show any grands prix, except for the one held in Melbourne, live. Most of the time Channel 10 doesn’t even seem able to show the grands prix at their advertised time, due to Big Brother & Australian Idol constantly running  over time!!! There have been several occassions where these two shows have run 30 – 45 minutes overtime which is so annoying.

This coming Sunday the Chinese Grand Prix will be held in Shanghai. The race will be run at 4pm our time, on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately 10 won’t be showing us this race until 11.40pm on Sunday night. (Of course that is the advertised time. God knows how long Australian Idol will run!!! I can guarantee that the start of the race won’t be seen until after midnight!)

The crazy thing is that 10s motorsport show RPM will be on at the same time as the grand prix. This means that they will have a show on that talks about Formula One at the same time that the race is being run. (Obviously they haven’t delayed showing the race due to ratings as I’m pretty sure the actually race would rate higher than them talking about what will happen in the race!!!)

Perhaps 10 are worried that if they show the race then their News would be delayed by an hour or so. Of course if they delayed their news then they wouldn’t be able to show the 104538743rd repeat of the Simpsons. (Probably an episode from 1994!) Of course other channels delay their news when their sports telecasts run long. Channel 9 does it all the time when the show the cricket, whilst 10 themselves are delaying their Saturday news until 6pm, due to the AFL Grand Final.

The biggest worry in all this is that Ten will actually listen to all this criticism like they did last year. Everyone complained about the 2005 Chinese GP being delayed by 8 hours, so the next week 10 decided to show the Japanese Grand Prix after its Bathurst V8s telecast at 4pm, even though they had originally advertised that the race would be shown at 10.30pm! (The actual start time was 2pm!) Unfortunately 10 tried to compact the 1 and 1/2 hour  Japanese GP into a 1 hour highlights package and we missed seeing much of the best grand prix of 2005.

All I can say to Channel 10 is that you should stop treating us F1 fans so shabbily. You obviously don’t care about us or think that we are too stupid to know when the race is really on. The federal government should intervene to allow us to see these races at a reasonable time. Otherwise they should allow Foxtel to bid for the broadcast rights so we would then be able to see the races at a reasonable time!!!