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I vaguely remember seeing The Emperor’s New Clothes on TV when I was a kid. I tried to search for this cartoon on Youtube and Daily Motion but could not find it.
Here are some animation cels available from Van Eaton Galleries.


This is another story from Dell’s Gerald McBoing Boing and the Nearsighted Mr Magoo. This is actually from the first issue and is again just a straight out adaptation of the cartoon.

I’ll try to scan a story not based on a cartoon at a later time.

Magoo’s Puddle Jumper

Posted: January 17, 2009 in Animation, UPA
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Here’s another Oscar winning UPA cartoon featuring the short sighted Mr Magoo.

Van Eaton Galleries has a production cel available for sale for Trouble Indemnity, a Mr Magoo cartoon from UPA.

If you wish to purchase this cel they are selling it for US $1500.
I previously posted the comic book story for Trouble Indemnity here.
I have tried to find this cartoon on Youtube but so far have only found the French language version.

When Magoo Flew

Posted: January 16, 2009 in Animation, UPA
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When Magoo Flew is another UPA Mr Magoo cartoon that won an Oscar for best animated short film.

It features all the usualy short sightedness jokes and perhaps a couple of references to another UPA film.

In the 1950s Dell published a number of UPA based comic books under the rather awkward title of Gerald McBoing Boing and the Nearsighted Mr Magoo. Many of the stories contained within the book were original, but some, like Trouble Indemnity, were based on the UPA cartoons.

I have previously posted the first Mr Magoo cartoon Ragtime Bear.
Here is a cel used in that cartoon that is being sold by Van Eaton Galleries for US $600.

Magoo’s look has changed considerably since 1949.