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This is from 1954. I wonder whether there has ever been a Federal election in which the Liberals did not run a fear campaign?


Give The Kid A Smoke

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Advertising, Australian Politics

More Hysteria

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Australian Politics, Media Watch

There is nothing else that gets the readers of the Herald Sun website as riled up as an article on ‘illegal immigrants’. Here is some of the inevitable hysterical comments from the readers after Labor’s new immigration minister Chris Bowen said that it is not going to be easy to stop the boats coming from Indonesia. (Please note the negative spin that the H-un has put on the story too!)
Also please keep in mind that reader’s comments are SUPPOSED to be MODERATED before being published to stop offensive comments from being posted on the site which could get the H-un in trouble later on.

Fabian Society of Stalingrad Posted at 9:47 PM September 12, 2010
We are doomed. Well done to all the numbnuts that voted ALP, Green or independent.
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Obviously the above quote was not moderated. I think that the H-un only moderates pro-Labor comments and lets everything else go through ‘as-is’.

Yas of Melbourne Posted at 9:57 PM September 12, 2010
The new minister is a joke. Who in their right minds would send out a clear signal to all who want to come here that “We won’t stop you”. This clown rightfully deserves a high position in Jillard’s circus.
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Is the above comment defamatory?

B Knight Posted at 9:57 PM September 12, 2010
Chris Bowen is actually saying “we really have no intention of stopping the boats”. Just send a luxury cruiser to Indonesia and load as many so called asylum seekers as possible and bring them here.
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Sherro of Templestowe Posted at 9:59 PM September 12, 2010
Thanks Victoria for voting Labor and for more of this. I think it’s fantastic that we are going to get more illegal refos, make more money for the criminals who smuggle them, pay more in welfare for them as actual Australians get kicked further down the queue for everything from housing to health. What an enlightened choice you Labor voters made. Stand up and be proud, incase we can’t see your extended foreheads with the labotomy scars on each side.
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Nope, not offensive. No reason to moderate that comment.

Sharia law anyone? of Victoria Posted at 10:00 PM September 12, 2010
Of course they will do nothing to protect our borders…there was never an intention. Their agenda is the slow destruction of Australia as we have known it and the creation of a new Commie land.
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So does the H-un believe that comment?

Jenny Posted at 10:08 PM September 12, 2010
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airtime of perth Posted at 10:09 PM September 12, 2010
as australians want the boats stopped, if eand labor cant do it they shouldnt be in government. oh thats right, they shouldnt be !
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Nick Kitapci of Broadmeadows Victoria Posted at 10:10 PM September 12, 2010
350 asylum seekers held in detention centres who knows how much been held? I bet you they got these people to vote for Labor Government to make a deal thats how labor one i bet you?
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Nick, to be eligible to vote in Australia you need to be an Australian citizen or a British subject on a Commonwealth electoral roll as at 25 January 1984.

lillian field Posted at 10:13 PM September 12, 2010
I wait to know if Julia Gillard’s ministers in their new portfolia’s are not prepared to comment their views for fear of being taken to task or demoted by a very dominate leader full of her radical power. So we will wait to know how many more illegal boats keep arriving at our shore. I doubt Chris Bowen will be competent to handle his portfolio. I love this country being an Australian borne citizen and have reservations in regard in my personal opinion of honest conrolled “management” with this labor government. One cannot expect to have circumstances overlooked in the long term, and poetic justice will prevail in reference to Julia Gillard’s present reign as P.M. and truth will prevail over deceit.
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Richard A Payne of nsw Posted at 10:14 PM September 12, 2010
you might as well tell the whole world to come here after a statement like that i voted for the the greens i should have voted liberalit looks like the welsh mrs thatcher and her amateur cronies are going to drag australia down to the same level as the long to the next election???????????????
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You really voted Greens? You do know that they are pro-asylum seeker? Also what does it matter if Ms. Gillard spent the first five years of her life in Wales? She has spent the last 44 years in Australia!

julie of woy woy Posted at 10:24 PM September 12, 2010
refuel and send them back.if labor lets hundreds of boats in over a three year period they wont ever get in again,most Australians dont want them here send them home .tony abbot had more votes than gillard and that’s what he would have we are stuck with a open door policy that most Australians dont want.have some balls send them home
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I guess all of the asylum seekers will end up in Woy Woy?!

jeff of nambour Posted at 10:27 PM September 12, 2010
If you got the navy to have a bit of target practice at these invaders minister, then maybe you will stop the boats..Absolutely weak as you know what Mr Bowen..Give up on the first day…You disgust me sir…
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So are you suggesting that the RAN opens up and fires on the boats? Even Abbott would not advocate that but then again…

I apologise in advance to any Queenslanders and the above pic is not my opinion on you as a whole,  just of Jeff of Nambour.

No Quarrantine of Boat People From Terrorist Harbouring Countries Posted at 10:29 PM September 12, 2010
Labour will not defend Australians or our culture and are in favour of flooding the country with people whose intention is the abrogation of democracy and the istallation of Sharia. Good luck Australia but i believe its going to be all BAD.
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peter of syd Posted at 10:34 PM September 12, 2010
we need an Australian PM not someone born overseas.
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What is the deal with this crap that the right are spouting? So what if she spent her first 5 years in Wales… but then again to some people (morons) it doesn’t matter how long you have lived here, as long as you were born overseas you can never be Australian.

john smith Posted at 10:35 PM September 12, 2010
pauline or should i say julia , redheads rule or is julia just an overated pauline ,at least pauline is a better looker and didnt stab or suck up .from here at least politics will be entertaining ,come back pauline your better
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There have been some ridiculous comments in the past couple of days but the stupidest have come from ‘right-wingers’ over Julia Gillards’ looks (as if this really matters!) Yesterday on Twitter someone said that Julie Bishop was better looking than Gillard while today someone is saying that Pauline Hanson is better looking. (I just threw up in my mouth a little thinking that anyone could think Hanson is the slightest bit attractive)

paul walsh of horsham Posted at 10:42 PM September 12, 2010
well mr bowen you better find a way to stop these boats, because we as australians are sick and tired of these people invading our country at their own some backbone and do something, you were elected to represent the australian public so do it and stop the damned boats.
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Dep Posted at 11:01 PM September 12, 2010
Well we don’t need your department then do we dick – just leave the door open and let them settle in. Bring back John Howard and give us a prime minister with guts !
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How did a comment in which the writer called someone a ‘dick’ get through the moderation process?

John H of sale vic Posted at 11:42 PM September 12, 2010
It is very easy to stop the boats Mr bowen ,you just have to grow some coconuts.The liberals managed to stop them OK.It’s simple,Australia is a democratic country where the opinion of the majority is meant to matter,and the majority of us don’t want third world queue jumpers to make up any percentage of our population.They offer nothing.
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Of course someone in Sale would know all about the contributions that refugees have made.

NO CARBON TAXES Posted at 2:07 AM Today
LABOR = EPIC FAILURE. carbon taxes, high immigration, zero border protection, green schemes/scams. ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY.
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Roman878 of Balwyn Posted at 6:19 AM Today
Gillard is so full of crap
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Constructive criticism?

Jeff of a street not too far away Posted at 6:30 AM Today
Little Afghanistan, here we come 😦
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God help us Posted at 7:03 AM Today
Oh no, what a clown we have here. What a positive CAN DO attitude he has, NOT!!! Get rid of this jerk and get someone who can do their job and stop the illegal immigrants for gods sake…
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granny of mildura Posted at 7:03 AM Today
If dizzy-Chris can’t stop the boats will he have these people living on his door step and in his street and around the block in his suburb…lord help us.
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swannut of mildura Posted at 7:26 AM Today
Thanx you moron labor voters
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Two comments from Mildura, the place where a year ago this happened…

lindsay of Melbourne Posted at 7:47 AM Today
Don’t stress, Mr Bowen. We always knew that Labor had no intention of changing its “open-door” approach to economic migrants posing as asylum seekers.
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I don’t get why these comments are not moderated but whenever someone tries to post a pro-Labor comment it does not appear, no matter how well written it is. Of course we could say that these comments are allowed under our freedom of speech laws but let’s look at those laws a little…

Freedom of speech
Australians are free, within the bounds of the law, to say or write what we think privately or publicly, about the government, or about any topic. We do not censor the media and may criticise the government without fear of arrest. Free speech comes from facts, not rumours, and the intention must be constructive, not to do harm. There are laws to protect a person’s good name and integrity against false information. There are laws against saying or writing things to incite hatred against others because of their culture, ethnicity or background. Freedom of speech is not an excuse to harm others.

I get that most of the comments are moronic and therefore are allowed to be printed under FOS but when you have people saying that the asylum seekers are all criminals, terrorists, welfare recipients then that is an example of harming a groups good name and integrity by spreading false information. Same thing with saying that Labor got the asylum seekers who are being held in detention to vote Labor, something that Bolt hinted at in a recent blog post, even though only Australian citizens are allowed to vote. Saying that the Royal Australian Navy should have target practice on the asylum seekers boats is one of the most ridiculous things that has ever been published and it breaches our free speech laws because the intention is not constructive (like most of the comments) and is advocating that the Navy should harm others. By publishing comments such as the above it almost seems as though the Herald-Sun condones and agrees with them.

I heard today that the Prime Minister criticised the media’s coverage of the election today on the ABC’s Insiders program. In reference to the way News Ltd covered the election she said that she disapproved of “editorialising on the front page”. It is what I have been saying all along. The ABC always gets criticised for being ‘left wing’ and pro-Labor, yet during the election the Murdoch media virtually campaigned for the Coalition. It’s amazing how every Labor policy was scrutinized and then dismissed by so-called opinion makers like Andrew Bolt and Piers Ackerman yet the Coalition was given a free ride. Every one of their policies were applauded and championed by News Ltd’s ‘journalists’ and when the $10 billion budget blowout was discovered after the election they just dismissed it by saying “Oh well, it’s still better than what Labor is doing.”

Sour Grapes

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Australian Politics, Media Watch

It doesn’t really matter what you think of the decision that the three independent MPs made as to who our government should be, you will agree that some of the comments at the Herald Sun website have been hysterical.

Gillard has already used the knife on him. Oakeshott will be silenced with a Ministry. All his bold and insincere rhetoric will have him in the tent trussed and gagged (which may be give us a rest from his sermons, superiority and moralising lectures). He will be bagged and binned at the next election come what may. Maggie (Reply) Wed 08 Sep 10 (06:35am)

I will have to revisit this comment in three years to see if you’re right.

One need only step in front of a bus, or sheep truck for that matter for this house of cards to come down. 555099 of the Hills (Reply) Wed 08 Sep 10 (06:43am)

The UK Windsor produced the opposite result in similar circumstances after the UK election last May. This shabby episode in our own parliamentary history arose from failure on the part of the G-G. BWO’C (Reply) Wed 08 Sep 10 (06:49am)

So you’re suggesting that the Governor General act outside the bounds of her role to… do what exactly?

Next time I drive through Port Macquarie or New England, I’ll stop the petrol station I’ll advise that I won’t be buying from you hicks after having voted in morons like Oakeshott and Windsor. Electors should do whatever they can to get rid of these idiots or wear the country’s odium. Why would anyone vote for an independent again. You don’t know what sort of fool you’re getting. The new paradigm …. me me me for I am quite entitled to be an idiot. Bugger the country. PaulC (Reply) Wed 08 Sep 10 (06:50am)


Gayle of QLD Posted at 3:25 PM September 07, 2010 Goodbye to these two independents you have just destroyed Australia. I want a new election. Comment 11 of 811

Boo hoo

Mick of Vic Posted at 3:30 PM September 07, 2010 This is not democracy! Comment 13 of 811

Yes it is!

Fred of Melbourne Posted at 3:32 PM September 07, 2010 Imagine siding with an incompetent self destructive backstabbing government only because they promise broadband, imagine if Australia had real issues to consider. No wonder he is an independent twit! Comment 15 of 811

Keith of Melbourne Posted at 3:35 PM September 07, 2010 It’s a farce…… go back to the polls Comment 19 of 811

What a sick joke!!….. of Vic Posted at 3:35 PM September 07, 2010 May the people who elected these guy’s MAKE SURE they pass on their ‘dissatisfaction’ in three years time……and as for the talk of ‘if’ things are not delivered as promised, what a joke to discuss Labour and honesty in the same sentence. These guy’s are more interested in their own ‘moment in the spotlight’ rather than their own supporters who put them in there…..and I find their ‘giggling and laughter’ demeaning of the position. So disgusted in their dribbling attempt to justify why they have gone against both their own constituents and the Australian public. Comment 23 of 811

Torinco of D/V Posted at 3:36 PM September 07, 2010 What a disgraceful decision. Who voted for these independent clowns. Liberal had more primary votes than Labor yet Labor win. Is it just me who doesn’t get it. Comment 34 of 811

The Liberals did not have more primary votes. They never have. They have to rely on the National Party to form government. That is why they are a coalition.

Daniel Brewer of Fantasy Land. Posted at 3:37 PM September 07, 2010 Another victory for the bogans. Well done Tony Windsor, you have excercised everything but independent thinking and common sense. I hope your electorate enjoy paying back the debt that this government is generating. Well done numb nuts. Comment 40 of 811

So because he didn’t vote the way that you wanted him to… or the Herald Sun and Rupert Murdoch wanted him to… or the way that News Ltd has been saying that his constituents wanted him to… he’s not exercising independent thought?

Ann Elizabeth of NSW Posted at 3:37 PM September 07, 2010 What an appalling mistake. These independents are gone at the next election, they have not represented their electorates only their own self-promtion but boy, have they got their 15 minutes of fame shoved down our throats. I’d rather not vote than have to listen to Oakeshott talk us to death again. Comment 44 of 811

William of Melbourne Posted at 3:38 PM September 07, 2010 The government received 500,000 less votes than their opposition and have power. Out of just 14 million votes, that is a significant number. Australians should be outraged. This is not a government voted for by the Australian people, it and it’s laws should not be recognised by the Australian people. Comment 57 of 811

Bert of Melbourne Posted at 3:39 PM September 07, 2010 An absolute disgrace – The majority of the voters voted for the Liberal Party not the Labor Party. How is it possible for the final dicision coming down to 3 people – what percentage of the national do they represent? We should have gone back to the poles. Another 4 years. What else is Labor going to stuff up or burn down – How quickly people forget – Julia was involved in all of these dicisions. Comment 68 of 811

We should have gone back to Poland? What is a dicision? Do you know what you’re talking about?

fossil@work of Melbourne, VIC Posted at 3:42 PM September 07, 2010 How depressing! I am truly saddened and, indeed, worried by this outcome. And worst of all is that Australia has learned a hard lesson: ‘We, the people’ means nothing, ergo this is not a democracy. The majority of us chose Liberal, yet we are stuck with Labor’s ineptitude and profligate ways for another three years. How, you may well ask, can this be? Comment 86 of 811

They majority did not choose Liberal!

Mike of the Gumby Brumby State Posted at 3:44 PM September 07, 2010 Thanks very much Australia. You have just returned to power possibly the most incompetent government this country has ever seen. When ignorance is bliss, what’s the point for democracy, you bunch of gullible halfwits. Comment 101 of 811

Tell us what you really think.

Gabriel of Melbourne Posted at 3:44 PM September 07, 2010 Booooooo. Australia has just gone backwards. The Labor Party are a pack of back stabbing, dirty wolves and we have seen the worth of Gillard yet. Stay tunes Australia. Expect higher prices, higher Interest rates, higher deficits, more dole payments, more boat people and more ridicule around the world. Booooo to Windsor and Oakeshott. I hope your electorate cleans you up good and proper in (I hope) less than 3 years. Booooooooooooo Comment 107 of 811

I’ll stay tunes.

Dig us deeper of Melbourne. Posted at 3:49 PM September 07, 2010 Is Oakshott a Moron? He states labor is more stable? I thought we had 10 years of a stable liberal government that put Australia in a strong surplus situation. The waek labor governmant turned that into a black hole within 3 years. Let’s go back to the poles and get rid of the labor (read Greens) and the vacuous independants. Comment 138 of 811

Why do you want us to go back to Poland? Oh, I get it, you mean ‘polls’ not ‘poles’.

Stuart of Melbourne Posted at 3:49 PM September 07, 2010 Absolute catastrophe – and the stock market says it all. Just shows you how many incompetent voters there are out there just like the Government. If you’re stuck every morning in traffic driving to work on the Ring Road, Chandler Hwy bridge, South Eastern, Punt Rd, etc, Blame Labor for pi$$ing money into the wind!!! Comment 147 of 811

You are calling people incompetant yet you cannot even distinguish between State Government and Federal Government issues. State Governments are responsible for the roads.

jeff Posted at 3:51 PM September 07, 2010 Jesus .. What a disastor … I dont know how much money Julia promises these independents.. Bribery in a cleaner manner… Broadband is key issue … yeh she knew it and must have polished it bit more…jesus …god help australia.. Comment 161 of 811

What a disastor… just like the way that you spell disaster.

bogans win again of brisbane Posted at 3:51 PM September 07, 2010 The Australian voting public get exactly what they deserve. It is astounding that so many inbred bogans in this country have voted to let the labour party continue its destruction. Comment 164 of 811

Who voted for the Labour Party? There is no such thing in Australia. The Labour Party is in Britain. In Australia it is called the Labor Party.

Glenda of Melbourne Posted at 3:52 PM September 07, 2010 This unelected backstabbing little gutter rat lost the election on every measure. Even Tony Windsor said his decision was based on avoiding another election because the Coalition would win and he would lose his own little piece of power. This is not democracy, nor an episode of Survivor Canberra. We need to go back to the polls as soon as the AEC can possibly manage the logistics of it. Comment 181 of 811

Gutter rat?!

angieh of melbourne Posted at 3:52 PM September 07, 2010 Don’t worry – all this has done is guaranteed a liberal victory at the next election – Shame that 3 people have held the Australian voters to ransom – Tony will abbsolutley blitz em – & if anyone thinks Julia will be the leader in 2 years time they have ***t for brains !! Comment 185 of 811

Australian Worker of QLD Posted at 3:54 PM September 07, 2010 Gutted…..Might have to leave the country, because after one term with labour and the greens there will be nothing to come back to. Labour has completely destroyed QLD, now it’s Australia’s turn. Well done to every fool that voted for this debacle. Cannot believe Australians are so stupid. Comment 206 of 811

C ya.

QQ of Safe ALP Seat (no democracy here) Posted at 4:06 PM September 07, 2010 Perhaps the media should do their jobs and grill the ‘government’. If they did that prior to the election we would not be in this mess. But instead, Red Kerry and the like just flutter their eyelids at Joolya. But to be fair, she did win by a couple of earlobes…. Comment 249 of 811

Yeah the media is so biased. Guess that the Murdoch media and News Ltd don’t count as you don’t think that they are the mainstream like the ABC is…

Chris Broadhead of Boulevard of Bleeding hearts. Posted at 4:08 PM September 07, 2010 how in a democratic society can one party get 500,000 more votes and lose? Well the unions will be firing up tonight heres to more red tape less work and jobs going off shore! The back stabber as PM, what a disgrace, the minority tree huggers and the Rural MP’S who contribute less than 2% to society and country cash flow have had their say and typically they sided with the bleeding hearts. Lets hope they dont complain when their industry is taxed if it ever makes any money………….Lets give all the losers and street urchins more money because they have had it soooo hard. Pauline Hanson would have been a better choice!!!! Comment 258 of 811

Simon Sturt of Geelong Posted at 4:09 PM September 07, 2010 I always thought of country people as honest decent folk. I never thought that they could produce the two weazles of the calibre of Windsor and Oakeshott. They sold their electorates and the whole country for thirty pieces of silver. Enjoy your fame traitors, because the history will judge you harshly. Enjoy the next three years beacuse this is the last term you will ever be considered by your electorates. Shame on you Oakeshott and Windsor !!!!! Comment 275 of 811

Bobcat of Melbourne Posted at 4:10 PM September 07, 2010 What a disgrace! Labour = BUMS! Unions = bludgers! Comment 277 of 811

Con Doensen of Naree Warren Posted at 4:10 PM September 07, 2010 Time for the Govner General to step in. Clearly the Australian public has voted away from Labor and not entirely happy with Abbot but to have 3 people decide what the country has voted against is redickouls. Time for voices to hit the streets. Comment 280 of 811

Maybe we should wait until you learn to spell before going back to the polls.

Chris Broadhead of Boulevard of Bleeding hearts. Posted at 4:10 PM September 07, 2010 Mr. Who shott…he has had his 5 minutes in the spotlight now he can return to the 1% of Australian Capital industry he came from called rural Australia……. A farmer selecting a back stabbing red head over a man, what a disgrace, next we will have fruit shop owners determining our countries policies….. Comment 281 of 811

How dare he choose a WOMAN over a MAN!

AJ Posted at 4:15 PM September 07, 2010 This circus only shows that our election processes needs some real change – who gave these clowns the mandate to form the new government? Comment 316 of 813

The constitution?

MM Posted at 4:16 PM September 07, 2010 So we’re stuck with this useless Ranga for the next few years and help captive by 3 country bogans who couldn’t make a decision for weeks. Pretty much what Labor will do now for YEARS to come! Comment 324 of 813

Harry E W Smith, E.D., A.D.M. of Melbourne Posted at 4:25 PM September 07, 2010 What an absolute disaster! How can these Independent “fools” support what was the most incompetent Labor Government ever! Gross monumental blunders, fiascos and undelivered promises. Gillard the ultimate hypocrite in assassinating Rudd for his ineptness but in which she was totally complicit. How damned pathetic! A glib tongue and an obsession for leadership of a hopelessly incompetent Party. Brings into question the competence of the Independents to recognize Labor’s gross incompetence. The whole matter is a fiasco! We must surely be the laughing stock of the world regarding this “process”. I find it inconceivable that anyone could vote for Labor considering their total ineptness clearly shown in particular withi the “batts’ issue in which they are indirectly responsble for 4 deaths. Garrett (the relevant Minister) just moved sideways but retaining his massive salary of $226.000.00. It should properly have gone back to the electorate for another election! The whole recent process is a real sham! Bargaining by so called Independents to get their way. This has been a total shambles and an utter disgrace with little or no consideration given the electorate! Comment 392 of 813

stephen Posted at 4:26 PM September 07, 2010 wrong-wrong-wrong! there should be another election why do 3 people who represent less than 1% of population get so much power windsor said it – if i had backed the coalition there would have been a new election called and the coalition would win…well thats the correct result – thats how the whole population would have wanted it

Aussie Kate of Dingley Posted at 4:27 PM September 07, 2010 God help Australia, with much of the worlds leading powers on the brink of a double dip recession, we now have squandering Socialism ruling and the looneytoons controlling the Senate, our Country will be end up in chaos and bankruptcy. Obviously those that voted these buffoons in want a shambolic mess like the UK and the USA in Australia. All the financial experts have reported that the USA will be in recession for the next decade with soaring unemployment and house foreclosures escalating again, which will have an enormous impact upon us. Australia cannot afford any further deficit. Watch everything go to hell in a hand basket now. Comment 404 of 813

You do realise that we avoided recession?

rojo of melbourne Posted at 4:29 PM September 07, 2010 welcome awful economy, unions and a government that no one I know voted for!..disgraceful. Comment 409 of 813

Tom of Dubai, U.A.E. Posted at 4:30 PM September 07, 2010 My family and I left Australia two years ago since Labor took office and have never looked back. By the way, my family and I also received a nice sum what you call the stimulus package. Well here in Dubai, with a nice job in a university, the GLW now work for Emirates after leaving Qantas, we have a nice 40sq two storey house, a 4WD Hummer for driving to work and taking the family to a few oasis on the weekends, can travel to Europe and Asia so easily that there is no way that I am heading back to crappy Australia as that country is totally dead. When we retire in 12 or so years, my 3-storey retreat in Langkawi, Malaysia would have been built and I can then spend time snorkelling, diving, boating while you guys have no money for retirement. To Australia – So long and thank for all the stimulus. Comment 413 of 813

robert of melbourne Posted at 4:39 PM September 07, 2010 There should be a political rally outside Parliament House protesting the vote. Or they should organise a rally outside Oakshot’s offices. I see Oakshot as being the fool that fell for the Labor party platform. I will turn up if they can get it organised…name the time and place…preferably Oakshot’s office. Then we can go to Windsor’s office. Someone should organise it as this scenario is a fiasco. Comment 469 of 813


Joan Posted at 4:48 PM September 07, 2010 Australia is in big trouble,a mish, mash. Government, the party that lost its way taking Australia on the road to nowhere. Winston and Oakshot after half-hour of waffle and tripe sentence Australian voters with a government led by the backstabbing Gillard and her henchmen Howes,Arbib, Shorten, mish mash Greens, dobber Wilkie. Nauseating, truly nauseating. Comment 491 of 813

krafty of Richmond Posted at 4:50 PM September 07, 2010 What a bloody disgrace. Liberal win more seats than Labor in the primary vote, yet Labor can butter up these looney tunes and hold government. What a Joke! Well done you two morons… Comment 495 of 813

Michael Hamilton of ballarat Posted at 4:54 PM September 07, 2010 OMG! A labor party run by the Greens and these two. We cannot afford Labor’s National Broadband. We cannot afford the Greens’ policies. Please can we have another election? If not, where can I catch a ride on one of the boat-people boats returning home to where ever. Comment 507 of 813

You know where the airport is…

Nathan of Melb Posted at 4:54 PM September 07, 2010 Well done you fools – another backward step for Australia . Can’t people remember what Rudd did ? She won’t be any different . Time to go and find an uninhabitated island to go live on . Comment 510 of 813

C ya

Keith Cameron of Boronia Posted at 5:02 PM September 07, 2010 What an unmitigated disaster for our Nation! We now move from the worst prime minister ever seen in this Country to the second-worst prime minister ever and the greatest catastrophe is that we are faced by precisely the same Labour team (less the sixteen members they lost!) The combination of this incompetent lot and the Greens spells an economic farce, no, tragedy. Roll on the polls – tomorrow would not be too soon. KC Boronia Comment 548 of 813

Communist Australia Posted at 5:03 PM September 07, 2010 Im sacking my staff, and moving the company to the US. You can all go get…… Comment 553 of 813

Spoken like a true patriot.

harryp Posted at 5:05 PM September 07, 2010 this is now the sadest day in this country, sad day for all and specially women,this is not democracy anymore, how can a government who lost all support and scrapped in with one vote, be stable, they lost and coliation gain ground, just show independents were not acting in the interest of the nation , it was for them, australia spoke on the election day, clooiation gain huge support and labour lost huge support, so common sense was coliation should have been given support to form government,hopefully these independent are not ever reelected from their communities they have done wrong, not listened to people, how can this democracy now be imposed on small countries like fiji and dictating how democracy should work, this is not a stable government but a power hungry bunch of yobbos trying to grab and hold on to power, sad day for Australia, now we can hear Julia harp on about how stable she is and ready to govern, liars, on principle this party should have never been allowed to be elected again,now the Australian Way and Values has lost its way. Comment 560 of 813

John of kewarra beach/Cairns Posted at 5:06 PM September 07, 2010 Today the 7th of September 2010 will be remembered as the day the Australian economy and standard of living went sliding down the drain and infamy driven by the labor/greens government.Australia will never be the same again for the stupidity of two irrelevant men “Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor”.They will suffer at the hand of their constituents at the next election. Comment 567 of 813

WOODIE Posted at 5:08 PM September 07, 2010 I did not vote for these so called Independants who have put Labor and Gillard in power. Blind Freddy could see what their economic management was like regarding the past three years but they still put them into power. This country is on the road to economic ruin. Labor will send many families to the wall with the new taxes Gillard and the Greens will introduce. If you think it was bad before, look out. I will have a clear conscience but that wont stop the financial armageddon that will be placed upon us. I hope we still have our houses in three years the interst rates go up, it is inevitable. I hope OAKSHOT in the foot and Windsor are proud because they will be out of a job in three years time. We can change to “Australia the Unlucky Country” and follow in the foot steps of America..down the tubes. Comment 575 of 813

Not Happy Jan of Melbourne Posted at 5:17 PM September 07, 2010 What a lot of cockamamie stories with this climate change…. everybody is climbing on the band wagon.. There is nothing wrong with the climate… Mother Nature takes care of itself – what are those fools going to do anymore than what Nature does. Just an excuse to sit in parliament & get paid for doing stuff all! This whole Govt & it’s Independent backers are a JOKE !! Comment 601 of 813

Raj of Melbourne Posted at 5:33 PM September 07, 2010 Broadband network in regional areas, what a joke,is that to the towns only as they will not be able to give it to all the domestic properties,they cant even get 3g to work properly in Melbourne.Gillard lovers giving money away,who is going to pay that back Bezza.We are in so much debt your childrens children will be paying it off. Comment 655 of 813

Ken of Hastings Posted at 5:35 PM September 07, 2010 The first Private Members bill will be: Government funded Mosques in every suburb to provide for the 1000 boats a week allowed in by the Greens. This Green/Labor alliance is the most dangerous event to involve Australia since Federation. Within 12 months there will be more sub-continentals or middle eastern welfare recipients than there are current Australians. My God, what have these independents done! Comment 659 of 813


God Help the Pensioner Gillard & Clan wont of Pensioners Stugglesville Posted at 5:45 PM September 07, 2010 God help Australia because Gillard the labor party not these clowns backing her will Watch prices rise, rates increase, And the pensioners of this country will further struggle as Gillard wont give us a pay increase after all last time she though we got too much & asked how the country could afford it. Also watch out as we will have a greater influx of Illegal Boat People Gillard cant run a raffle let alone this country Comment 682 of 813




This is quite awesome. I wish that this was really how things were done, especially Julia’s facial expression after knifing Rudd in the back and Tony’s way of stopping the asylum seekers.

Also try to look for the Taiwanese animators take on the Justin Bieber phenomena.