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Spam Time

Posted: August 13, 2010 in AOL Australia, Internet, iPrimus

I just received this email from someone who I have never ever given my email address to. Now I don’t agree with spamming people but… what should you do to someone who has spammed you? Here is the email in question…


Firstly, I apologize if this email is being sent to anyone with whom I don’t communicate anymore. GMail saves every person you’ve ever emailed as a contact and I want to get as much coverage if possible. So, if you have no idea who I am, delete this email.

So, in light of Google’s recent decision to try and destroy the Internet, I’m unhappy with them and may, at some point, dump GMail. So, please make the change in your address book. Instead of, please use

I will continue to use GMail as I watch their Verizon deal and see where it goes. But just in case, that Patrick Says address will get mail to me.


Patrick D.

Boxy says to read my blog at

I do get al sorts of rubbish in my old AOL email address and it was annoying when that was my primary email address to have to sort out the crap from stuff I wanted to read. Fortunately I have my new iPrimus address which doesn’t get spam at all… yet.


FINALLY I have become a part of the 21st Century. We now have broadband internet. It only took me five years or begging and nagging. Actually that begging and nagging really had no effect whatsoever on the ‘boss’ (Priscilla) as this was not the reason why she decided to give in to my pleading. She has always been adamant that broadband is just a gimmick that we didn’t really need and that to her, there would be no discernible improvement in our internet service. I could claim all that I wanted that we could browse the web 100 times quicker than our dial-up service and it would be less frustrating, but she would never listen. I could even prove that broadband would not cost a single cent more than dial-up but she was never convinced and thought that broadband was good enough. (Sigh!!!)

So what finally changed her mind if it wasn’t my begging? Well, at the beginning of  April we received a letter from our internet provider, AOL, that they would be leaving Australia on May 30th after so many years of dodgy service. We were given the option of joining iPrimus or having no internet service at all.

I should have known that AOL was leaving Australia. I have complained about their lack of service time and again and it seems that over the years things have become progressively worse. There have always been problems with AOL’s crappy browser, while the service has slowed to a crawl, especially when there is a Windows update being downloaded.

I always found AOL to be frustrating and the one good thing they had going for them, the ability to control spam, has since disappeared. Of course the amount of spam that I receive has exploded in the last two years, ever since I joined up with Facebook. Unfortunately all of this frustration could not convince Priscilla to join the broadband revolution and even after AOL notified us that we had to find another service she was still reluctant to get broadband. I had to plead to her again of all of broadband’s benefits and credentials until she finally said “I don’t care anymore, just do it!”

So hopefully now that we have broadband things will be better because if they are not I can just see Priscilla saying “I told you so!”

At the end of March we received a letter from iPrimus informing us that their internet partner AOL was pulling out of the Australian market and that if we did not find sign up to another internet service provider by May 30th we would be without internet connection. iPrimus told us that if we chose them we would be able to keep our current AOL email addresses, which is an idea that really appealed to me as I don’t fancy having to tell everyone I know a new email address. It also helps that our phone is with iPrimus too.

 On Monday we contacted iPrimus and arranged our new service with them. We have been assured that by the end of the week our new ADSL modem would be sent out and that within another three to five days our new service would be up and running. I figured that this was OK as we would still have our dodgy AOL service until the 30th so we could still send and receive emails and surf the net while the news service was being set up.

 Then on Wednesday AOL disconnected our service. Yep, that’s right; ten days before they were meant to they decided to disconnect us. Worse still, the email addresses that iPrimus assured us we would still have no longer existed. I tried in vain to log into my email address from work but it kept telling me that it had been disconnected. In front of me right now I have the letter from iPrimus that says “You will be able to continue to send and receive emails with your email address…” but in reality this is just another lie from a company that will do and say anything just to keep our business.

 All of this means that we are now without internet for another six to eight days and that I now have to inform everyone of my new iPrimus email address. I guess I will also have to set up a new email address for Priscilla and she will have to inform all of her family and friends of the changes too, although she does have another yahoo email address that she can use. I am glad that AOL has gone, as their service has become progressively worse since 2008. In the last six weeks the service from AOL has been barely usable. I hope that iPrimus offers us a better service although it could barely be worse!

I have said it a million times but I hate Primus AOL Australia. Being a dial up customer is bad enough, but it seems that every second time I turn the internet on the stupid AOL browser will not work. Then there is the ridiculously slow internet speeds. Surely it should not take more than five minutes to open a single page. Primus AOL is slower than when I first got the internet 15 years ago. Obviously they are deliberately slowing the service down to force all dial up customers onto broadband. Anyway I will go to broadband but it will not be with Primus AOL. I may switch to iPrimus, because my telephone is with Primus, but then again I may go with someone else for both internet and telephone. I have heard that Primus AOL will disappear and their customers will be taken over by iPrimus, but I don’t know if this is true. Then again, as I have stated time and time again, this is not my decision to make. I have made my case numerous times to the boss and she still has yet to give me the green light to do this.

The last post took me over an hour to get put up onto the blog and four attempts, thanks to AOL running so slowly and the browser mucking up again. Sigh!!!

Yeah, I know I should get broadband and stop complaining, but as I have said, that is not my decision to make.

 I know, I know! I go on and on about how crap AOL is and how the browser works only 70% of the time, and how AOL dial-up is so slow, and how I have promised to get broadband. I just thought I would complain about it once again. Whinge, whinge, whinge! Whine, whine, whine! It must be that English blood in me that makes me do it so often.

I know that I complain and complain and complain about AOL Australia, but I have distinctively recognised that their dial up service is getting slower and slower. It’s taking forever for a page to load up now when not too long ago it wasn’t so bad. Either iPrimus is getting ready to switch off AOL and are running down that service in order to get AOL customers to switch over to Primus, or they are slowing down the dial up in order to get people onto broadband. Anyway I will hopefully be getting broadband soon, although I’ve said that many times over the past two years but then again the decision is unfortunately not mine to make!!!