With the horrible events occurring in Queensland at the moment I am very dismayed at the parasites from the Catch the Fire Ministries who instead of doing the Christian thing and donating money and goods and prayers to those people who have lost everything and are in need of our support, have instead made the ridiculous claim that it is in fact God who is punishing Queensland because former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd asked Israel to allow UN weapons inspectors to look at their nuclear weapons. (Wouldn’t God want all nations to do away with such destructive weapons?) Some of these so-called Christians are welcoming this tragedy as punishment for what Kevin Rudd has done and are predicting an apocalypse to visit Australia soon for our sinfulness. This is the same group that last year said that Australia would feel God’s wrath because Julia Gillard, a non-Christian and a woman, was Prime Minister. It is not just Pastor Danny Nalliah who is making such silly statements but scarily so too are the followers of his church.

Dear Pastor Danny,
Thankyou for bringing our attention to this information re Israel. We have closely followed such episodes worldwide –including the oil explosion in USA in 2010. Interestingly when my husband wrote a letter to the Bendigo newspaper listing the “coincidences” between natural disasters and snubbing Israel, they were never printed. Nor was our report on trip to Israel in 2010 printed in the church news. Perhaps expected in the city. But in a regional newspaper both of these would normally be printed as a matter of course. Furthermore they had sent their photographer to tae a picture of the team that went to Israel for throne room worship on Mt Carmel but they never printed their own picture!!!!
Again thankyou for bringing our attention to this information.

I wonder why the Bendigo newspaper did not print her letter.

Dear Team,
I believe very specifically that the Lord is saying that if our present Premier (Qld) and Prime Minister (Aus) do not repent of their lies and cry out to God we are about to see even greater devastation. The nation needs a voice that presents a clarion call to walk as our forefathers did in a fear of God the church needs this voice too from it’s pulpits as a call to righteous worship of our Holy God.
God bless. Keep up the God work.

So this would not have happened if Tony Abbot was PM?

Dear Pastor Daniel,
I found this news email most interesting because on the 15th Dec 2010, I sent an email to Kevin Rudd. I had read about his behaviour to Israel, and was quite worried about the consequences of his actions. In my letter I mentioned that GOD blesses those who bless the Jews and curses those who curse the Jews. I also mentioned that GOD usually uses the weather to show his displeasure and that there are records, that I know of, going back to 1938 where he has done this.
Another scripture that has attracted my attention is from Romans 1 : 18, on to verse 20. In the column explanation it speaks of Natures Revelation.
We normally associate Romans 1 about homosexuality, but this is the result of not acknowledging GOD and HE has given them over to their sinful desires.
Many christians believe that global warming and climate change is for real and have not sought GOD’s view. It has been all hatched up to hasten in Global government. Would this not be an insult to HIM that we have not brought HIM into our thinking.
About our present government. People have not wanted GOD, so we get an atheist Prime Minister. Morals are a disgrace in this country, we get a PM living in adultery, a real good witness to anyone choosing this lifestyle. Looking at GOD’s order in The Bible, is it right to have a woman ruling over us?
I think you are spot on, we have to repent, as you’ve said, 2 Chron 7:14.
I will pray about going to Melbourne to attend your church services.
It would be so good to attend a service and feel the move of the SPIRIT.
Your brother in CHRIST

It’s because we have women in positions of power then.

Pastor Danny,
Congratulations. Like Fred Phelps at the Westboro Baptist Church you see and speak the truth of God’s awful wrath descending on sinners who do not follow the path of righteousness.

Peter Bowditch

This of course is the Pastor Fred Phelps, the most hated man in America who asserted that God sent the shooter who tried to assassinate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and murdered six people including a Federal judge. Phelps also plans to picket the funeral of nine-year-old shooting victim Christina Greene.

The question that I want to ask is what does Andrew Bolt have to say about this? You may question why I think it is necessary for Bolt to talk about this fundamentalist Christian cult, yet he has defended their pastor Danny Nalliah several times. He has also been quick to defend Sarah Palin’s use of crosshairs on her website that targeted Congresswoman Giffords and criticised anyone who may suggest that she could have been to blame for the awful shooting. (However I don’t think he gets the point, most people have made. They don’t blame her for the actions of the shooter but denounce her use of violent imagery.) Surely even Bolt, who blames Rudd and Gillard for everything can see that they are not the reasons why it is raining so much. Surely Bolt must agree that with Freedom of Speech comes a responsibility to not make stupid comments and predict that doomsday is coming because of Kevin Rudd. If a Muslim made a statement such as that Nalliah has made Bolt would have written 5 blog posts and appeared on numerous TV shows to condemn it. But as it is a Christian who is making this kind of comment will he say anything?!

The answer to my question is of course no, Bolt is too cowardly to do so as it would alienate a great share of his reading audience. Despite the fact that Bolt is a self-confessed athiest much of his audience are Christan, with a great deal of them being of the fundamentalist persuasion. It is OK for Bolt to make hourly attacks on Muslims with his comments but it is rare, if ever, that he was say anything against a Christian, regardless of what they say or do.

  1. Hi, where did you get this info can you please support this with some proof or you may say some good reference as I and others will really appreciate

  2. Millsie says:

    The info is available at the Catch The Fire website. http://catchthefire.com.au/blog/2011/01/08/are-the-qld-floods-the-result-of-kevin-rudd-speaking-against-israel/ It is also where all of the comments that I have quoted are from.

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