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Some odd ads

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Advertising

These are all from 1953.

I’m so infantile

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BTW, Gay is someone’s name in this instance.

Bob Dyer was the #2 radio personality of the 1940s and 50s after Jack Davey. He was also a pioneer of TV in Australia. This ad is from 1954.

Times certainly were different in 1953.

My Collingwood project seems to be going fine. I have a lot of information but it is a lot of monotonous work. Fortunately I have been on holidays from work but soon I will go back and will have less time on my hands for this stuff. While it may look like I haven’t been publishing many posts, I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff, preparing information and writing stuff for future posts.

For anyone interested in seeing what I have been up to there is an index of posts which feature posts that have been already published and those which are still in draft form.

This is just hideous, obviously draw by some really horrible artist for the Albany Cinema back in 1953. I also find it funny that they are showing Donald Duck, Goofy, Heckle & Jeckle, Popeye and Bugs Bunny cartoons yet of those mentioned only Donald is pictured. The cartoon characters pictured seem to be Barney Bear, Droopy, Donald Duck, some elves (or are they dwarves?), pluto and one of Donald’s nephews.

Here are some more print ads from The Age from 1953.
The first one is for Jack Davey, who at the time was the highest paid radio personality in Australia. I guess his shows, of which he had many, were simulcast into Melbourne from Sydney on 3AW.
This is another Davey related ad but it comes from the Sun and is about his appearance at Myer rather than his radio show.

I didn’t know that there was an Oscar for most popular shoes, but if there were it would go to the ever popular Dunlop Volleys.

Seeing as the Dunlop Volley’s are tennis shoes devloped by Australian Davis Cup player Adrian Quist in 1940, it is perhaps apt to have an ad for 3AW’s Davis Cup coverage from Kooyong in December 1953.

And finally an ad for Tom Corbett Space Cadet, which was a radio serial of an American TV show of the early 1950s. In Australia we used Aussie actors in the roles instead of directly playing the US serial.

Here are some advertisements for 3AW from The Age in 1953 which I have found from my research into Collingwood’s 1953 premiership season.

The first one is from April 1953 and is an ad for 3AW’s coverage of Round 1 action between Essendon and Fitzroy from Windy Hill featuring Norman Banks and future Australian cricket captain Ian Johnson. This was a game in which the Bombers won by 23 points and in which John Coleman kicked 10 goals. This would have been the first game for 3AW that was called by Norman Banks.

The next ad is for The Passing Parade, which in 1953 was apparently Australia’s most popular radio show. I guess this is the 15 minute program that Bruce Mansfield and Phillip Brady play on Remember When on a Sunday night featuring John Doremus. Test Jests I guess would have been cricket related as Australia was at that time in England fighting for the Ashes.

The following ad was from late December 1953 and I guess was sort of announcing 3AW’s new breakfast personality Happy Hammond. By September 1956 Happy would be at 3UZ teaming up with Graham Kennedy. Happy was a Geelong supporter so he would have been thrilled that his Cat’s were beaten by the Mighty Magpies in the 1953 Grand Final.

I have found quite a few interesting things through my research on the 1953 Collingwood Premiership team, most of which I don’t think anyone but me cares about. Anyway I will post it here just for posterities sake.

This is from the Argus, Friday June 2 1950 about Thorold Merrett‘s first game with Collingwood.

I have found lots of advertisements whilst going through the old newspapers and some are quite weird but I guess a reflection of their time. This is an advertisement from the Argus regarding attractions at the 1953 Royal Melbourne Show.
















This ad for Wirth’s Circus is interesting. I can understand that in 1953 Frankston, Dandenong and Edithvale were considered country areas but Cheltenham. I wonder were the city ended and the country began?!


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