It’s been an interesting week from the Herald Sun’s gossip columnist, technology expert, economists, climatologist, entertainment reporter, political analyst, movie critic, social networking guru, freedom of information specialist, opera lover, philanthropist, civil rights activist, race relations expert Andrew Bolt, who did not wait more than a second after the news of last week’s Christmas Island tragedy before making assertions that Prime Minister Gillard has blood on her hands because Labor’s softening of asylum seeker laws have forced illegal immigrants to come here. It has nothing to do with the war in Iraq or the barbarism (to quote Bolt’s favourite word) of the Iranian leaders, but everything to do with our laws. This seems a rather simplistic view to me.
At first I believed that Bolt was just using this tragedy to make a political point but I fear his intentions are a little more sinister. In reality this has nothing to do with asylum seekers, Christmas Island or Julia Gillard and everything to do with Bolt’s ego. I believe that he has simply gone so far over the top just to increase his own notoriety and get a share of the spotlight as the more publicity he gets, the more people who buy a newspaper or visit his blog. He doesn’t care if they are doing these things because they agree with him or because they are outraged, all he cares is that they are doing it.

One of Bolt’s fans has the solution to everything…

we wouldnt have the problem of labour and the greens if we changed the system of voting, why dont more successfull people have a bigger say? a junkie has an equal vote as a ceo?? this is a disgrace! people should be judged on wealth and education on how much their votes worth, this would keep the greens out!

richandproud of kew (Reply)



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