I have neglected this blog for the last few weeks and there is a reason for it. I have started a new project looking at some of the history of the Collingwood football club. In particular I have decided to document the 1953 premiership season. My initial idea was to try to put a book together but that would probably prove to be a little too difficult. On top of actually writing stuff that other people would want to publish, it would take a little more research to make a thorough go of it. I would probably also need someone to edit it a bit to make it a little more readable and exciting.Still if I get all the ideas down here it might be able to be given a spit and polish and have a few extras added to it to make into a book.

Here is what I have done over the last month or so.


The 1952 Grand Final & Aftermath

1953 Preseason

Round 1

The ANZAC Exhibition Match

This will be a very long, time-consuming process. Those initial 5 posts have taken me well over a month to write and each have been edited several times.


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