Newsreel 1939 VFL Grand Final – Melbourne Vs Collingwood

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Football

AUSTRALIAN RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP (aka RUGBY FOOTBALL FINAL AT MELBOURNE) – British Pathe. To the left is a link to footage of the 1939 VFL Grand Final between Melbourne & Collingwood. I wish that the AFL would get all of these and put them onto DVD but I don’t think that would happen. I am actually very surprised with the lack of respect that the history of the sport gets by the AFL on DVD. Apparently in 1990 Channel 7 deleted a whole lot of their football library which does make things hard. The earliest Grand Final on DVD is from1961, while the 1962-1964 ones were considered missing for a long time but are available only on the Grand Finals of the 60s DVD (and even then I don’t think they are complete). I guess that from 1956 onwards there should be some footage available, as parts of the game were broadcast as a replay on TV (either Channel 7 or 9). Would be good to see them.


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