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Just finished writing a post on South Melbourne footy club in 1953. I have had to go over it for typos etc. The worst things when trying to not half-arse a blog is when you have constantly reread everything to check for typos and spelling mistakes. It’s alos annoying when WordPress isn’t doing what you want it to. Of course I expect by the time I have finished this whole project that a lot of the posts that I have already made will have changed a bit from what they are now.

I have neglected this blog for the last few weeks and there is a reason for it. I have started a new project looking at some of the history of the Collingwood football club. In particular I have decided to document the 1953 premiership season. My initial idea was to try to put a book together but that would probably prove to be a little too difficult. On top of actually writing stuff that other people would want to publish, it would take a little more research to make a thorough go of it. I would probably also need someone to edit it a bit to make it a little more readable and exciting.Still if I get all the ideas down here it might be able to be given a spit and polish and have a few extras added to it to make into a book.

Here is what I have done over the last month or so.


The 1952 Grand Final & Aftermath

1953 Preseason

Round 1

The ANZAC Exhibition Match

This will be a very long, time-consuming process. Those initial 5 posts have taken me well over a month to write and each have been edited several times.

Yesterday I was in a bookshop flicking through a book that was recommended to me called The Australian Game of Football. I was only reading through it for about five minutes when I came across a couple of glaring mistakes.

The first mistake that I found regarded Sam Wells, the cartoonist who worked for the Herald for around thirty years and then spent another 17 at The Age. The book claims that Wells died in 1964 BUT, this cartoon from September 9 1966 proves that he wasn’t. I believe that he actually died in 1967. The problem is that there is currently a website that is reporting the books error as fact.

Unless it was Wells’ ghost drawing all those cartoons from between 1965 and 1967?!

The second mistake I found was regarding Mick Armstrong who was a cartoonist with the Argus for many years. I’m not sure why Armstrong was featured as he was more a political cartoonist as I have only found a mere handful of sports related cartoons by him. The book claimed that Armstrong left the Argus in 1950 to work for the Herald BUT if he did it must have been a very short tenure, as by 1951 he was back at the Argus and his cartoon regarding Footscray’s 1954 premiership was actually from that paper.

The section on cartoonists I found interesting, especially the little bio on Edema of the Sun, whose career was cut short due to his early death.

I am surprised though that the mysterious Angus Mac was not mentioned at all as he produced more football related cartoons in his one year at the Argus than Armstrong did in his entire career. I am now curious as to who is this Angus Mac.

More Editing

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Just touched this up although it was just a practice run.

I have been doing some Photoshop on a few things that I may use later, if I ever get serious about the project I want to do. Here’s just a sample…

So far it’s just very basic stuff, but that is OK as I have never used Photoshop before. I’m sure I can make these look a lot better but I am not really interested in doing any tricks or anything.

It will be interesting to see how this all progresses and whether this project ever gets off the ground at all.

From the Sun, September 25th 1953.