More Wells’ Cartoons From 1958

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Collingwood, Football
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Here are a few more cartoons from The Age from September 1958 by Wells.

The first one is from September 5th 1958 and is a preview to the big semi-final clash between the Magpies and the Demons. Melbourne were the overwhelming favourites for the flag that year and it was considered a major upset when Collingwood beat them in the grand final.

(Why is Phonse Kyne beating full forward Ian Brewer with a shoe?)

The second is from September 8 1958 after Melbourne beat Collingwood in the 1st Semi-Final by 45 points.

Obviously Wells didn’t have high hopes for the Pies, with Phonse passed out claiming “We’re gone”. Was this Graeme Fellowes first senior game?

This cartoon is a preview of the preliminary final between Collingwood & North Melbourne. It’s from September 12th and shows just how much of an overwhelming favourite Melbourne was for the premiership that year.

The fourth cartoon is from September 15th 1958 after Collingwood defeated North Melbourne by 20 points in the Preliminary Final.

Unfortunately there is not a digital copy available of Wells’ Grand Final Preview cartoon from the 19th of September. The online version of that newspaper is a little screwed up.

I do however have the premiership cartoon from September 22nd which I will post again.

It would be good if Rupert Murdoch would allow the Herald and the Sun to be digitised and put online but alas he would only do that if he could find a way for people to pay for the honour of viewing the archive. The least he could do is compile all of the Hook & WEG and Wells (pre-1950 before he was sacked and started at The Age) cartoons and publish them in book form. I’m sure there would be a few people interested in seeing these cartoons.


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