Mark Knight Collingwood Cartoons

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Collingwood

I’ll probably get a letter from Rupert Murdoch’s lawyers about this, but here are a few Collingwood related cartoons from this season by Mark Knight. I used to like Knight’s cartoons but don’t really like them as much any more. I thikn the addition of colour to the cartoons have had a detrimental effact on them. IMO they look a bit too busy and quite unappealing.

I guess that is meant to be Scott Pendlebury getting attended to be the team doctor and Dane Swan by the tatooist, with Mick Malthouse, some other guy who’s supposed to be someone, Alan Didak? and the back of Dale Thomas, but it’s hard to tell because the caricatures are so awful.

Notice how in the above cartoon Knight has to write Riewoldt on the bag, just in case you couldn’t tell from his sloppy caricature who the hell it was.

Is that stoned guy with the huge eyebrows meant to be Andrew Demetriou? At least he hasn’t drawn Gillard as Queen Elizabeth I like he usually does (like how he draws Joe Hockey as Shrek even though Shrek hasn’t been popular since 2003!).

I like this one, except Ed’s not that fat.


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