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Posted: October 22, 2010 in Media Watch, Melbourne

You have to laugh at Andrew Bolt’s loyal readers, or more specifically those people who like to leave comments at his blog site. In a post he made on Thursday he linked to an article where a 6 year old Muslim girl ‘dacked’ a 7 year old by on her school bus who had been teasing her because of the hijab that she wears. The girl was suspended from riding on the bus for a week. Bolt’s comment suggested that despite little Iran being a Muslim she had assimilated into the Australian way of life for indulging in such a true blue form of revenge as ‘dacking’ her tormentor. Unfortunately few of Bolt’s comment writers would accept this as being acceptable with the majority seemingly taking sides with the older bully. Bizarrely many were trying to claim that he had been sexually assaulted by the 6 year old girl who had ‘dacked’ him. Many of the comments also feature the usual anti-Islamic bile that Bolt’s readers (and Bolt himself) like to spew out, although in this case I wonder whether Bolt would be shaking his head at the stupidity and hatred of his readers.

I also wonder how many of these comments got through the moderation process, especially after what was allowed to get through a week or two ago. Perhaps the moderator was too busy trying to weed out any leftist comment that showed the slightest support for Muslims or multi-culturalism than provoke intelligent debate, to bother with the vile, offensive, hate filled comments left by the right-wing nutcases. Here is but a sample of the comments from the cess-pool known as Bolt’s Blog.

Shaun of Queensland
Thu 21 Oct 10 (10:46am)

Yes well Andrew. I do agree with you over her methods.  However, why was it newsworthy?

I am sure that there are ten thousand little incidents like this, between 6yr olds, that happen every day. This gets national coverage! Why? Because she is muslim, that’s why!!!

Not her fault in this case, but muslims always have to be portrayed as the victims, don’t they?.  See the photo of her father, looking all forlorn.

Yep I guess Shaun is correct, Bolt , Piers and Howe always portray Muslims as the victims.

Brian B replied to Shaun
Thu 21 Oct 10 (12:53pm)

Dead right Shaun.

A non story except for the “I’m a Muslim and need to be treated differently by you infidels”.

Pathetic really.


lethal of WA (Reply)

I agree with you – “good on her.”…BUT why should a 6 year-old have to wear a hijab? Is a little girl’s hair that provocative to men? If it is, it doesn’t say much about the morals and self-restraint of Muslim males.
Personally, I believe it’s a form of child abuse. that little girl will never know what it feels to have the wind and the rain in her hair. She will never have the joy of being able to go swimming.
The worst case of enforced hijab wearing I’ve ever seen was at a Perth shopping center. Mum, a girl of about 2 and a baby girl of no more than 4 months were all shrouded in full muslim hair-hiding regalia. Mum was struggling to push a laden shopping trolly that also held the baby, and hold the hand of the 2 year-old girl while brave dad walked ahead holding the hand of his young son and did not bother to help his wife in any way.  disgusting!


Elaine replied to lethal
Thu 21 Oct 10 (11:16am)

my sentiments exactly – what on earth is a 6 year old in Australia doing wearing that revolting sign of subjected females.  It was bad enough in SE Asia seeing new born baby GIRLS (of course) wearing the blasted thing.

And I have also heard of fundamentalist Christian who like their young girls to cover up their hair too but I see nobody has mentioned that.

tony of coburg replied to lethal
Thu 21 Oct 10 (01:39pm)

yes why was she wearing a hijab at her age? – Her paretns are obviously the problem – and you can bet they put her up to it.

Kudos to the boy for ridiculing it.

Her parents should be ashamed of themselves – even though one is non-muslim, they obviosuly have no intention of assimilating – in fact just the opposite.

This is how wars start.

Brilliant deduction Sherlock.

lethal of WA (Reply)
Thu 21 Oct 10 (10:52am)

should have included this in my earlier posting:
Wearing a hijab is NOT “so Australian” at least not yet. When Islam takes over it will no doubt be compulsory for all women.
If this girl is wearing a hijab she HASN’T assimilated. Assimilating means becoming similar and Aussies do not wear hijabs!

Actually in Australia we can wear whatever we damn well please.

The injustice is the bully goes scot free!
As well, the education department need to nip this in the quickly, anybody should be able to wear a headscarf for any reason.  What of the child who is recovering from cancer treatment with no head hair?  How would the bully be treated then?
NevilleW (Reply)
Thu 21 Oct 10 (10:54am)

A sensible comment but there’s more to come…

Elaine replied to NevilleW
Thu 21 Oct 10 (11:21am)

What a purile comment – yes the bully should have got the same treatment, but to suggest a little girl forced to wear that religious claptrap compares with a cancer victim (a totally different look) makes me boil.  It is apologists like you that have allowed the muslims to abuse our generous and easy going system

I must be a Muslim apologist?!

NevilleW replied to NevilleW
Thu 21 Oct 10 (12:00pm)

Settle Down Elaine, I dislike the Muslim religion as much as the next man, but headscarfs are harmless, save your energy for “kill the infidels”, and the real apologist Waleed Aly.

Umm, OK. I am sure that the Herald Sun would have to be on shaky gorunds to publish a comment from someone who says that they DISLIKE another religion.

CA replied to Admonkeystrator
Thu 21 Oct 10 (12:04pm)

He didn’t physically bully her.

The supposed 7 year old asking her to remove her headscarf/asking about her headscarf got emotional traumatised by halving his pants pulled down on a bus.

She’s abused him – imagine the outcry if he had pulled down her pants.

IF he were my child, I’d be coming after the adults who had the duty of care (bus driver or teachers) and the girls parents with big fat lawsuits.

She is a brat.

Oh and any man that gets turned on by a 6 year old’s exposed head hair – there’s a word for that.

There is also a word for your comment… STUPID!!!

1. Why is this 6 year old girl wearing a hijab? Even in Saudi Arabia they dont have to do it that early.

2. Why am I reminded of that other “poor muslim victim” who falsely accused an Australian traffic Policeman to have ripped down her chador? Fortunately the police had recorded the “real” event. (Incidentally what ever became of that “we poor muslim victims stunt” perpetrators?)

3. A girl as young as 6 years pulling down the pants of a male child could, in some quarters, be seen as “sexualised behavaviour”.

4. Why is the father exposing the 6 year old girl to the media? (see link above) This could be seen, in some quarters, as child-abuse.

5. What did the boy say and/or do?

Rita (Reply)
Thu 21 Oct 10 (11:39am)

Where the FCUK did this idea of Muslims being portrayed in the media as victims come from? Certainly not from Rupert Murdoch.

Teasing is not bullying. If that was the case every kid in school would be a bully.

Kids will pick out difference – red hair, freckles, glasses, fat kids, tall kids. Hijabs are different so kids will point it out.

The concept of bullying has been watered down to include any actions which someone could possibly find offensive.

This demeans real victims of bullying – kids who are actually being physically intimidated and not feeling safe. By all means, stamp out the coward hurting or threatening to hurt the weak and powerless.

But teasing a headscarf. Please.

BTW – if every kid who dakked someone got suspended, I can’t imagine my friends and I would have spent much time at school in primary school. Particularly if they looked at horseys, sackings and dead legs in the same light.

The Usual Suspect (Reply)

I am glad that you are such an expert on bullying.

Well, if it is OK to pull his trousers down for teasing her, why is it not OK for him to pull her Hijab off?

After all, in the Darwin I grew up in you were expected to be able to handle a little teasing (sticks and stones and all that) but refusing to show your face around people means you have something to hide.

Curious in California (Reply)

You don’t know the difference between a hijab and a niqab, idiot. (Stick & stones & all that crap!)

As much as I support dakking, and approve of the girls actions, and think it a ridiculous punishment…
Imagine if someone being teased by a Muslim girl pulled off her hijab, just imagine the uproar. I don’t think as many people would be on her side.
Is it really more important than someone’s pants? Surely the contents of someone’s pants should be covered more than a face…

Frank of NSW (Reply)

See my above comment.

Interesting, fortunately it wasn’t a 6 year old boy dacking a 7 year old girl because then the boy would be expelled from school for sexual assault. But since the perpetrator was female it’s all ok.

TonyP (Reply)

You should obviously become a lawyer with brilliant logic like this.

So pulling down people pants is enough to make you “Australian”.
Andrew this really just shows how shallow the liberal concept of citizenship really is. Are people who pull down the pants of others while standing up for themselves in India also “Australian”?

Any citizenship not based on ethnicity or something that inspires similar loyalty [such as religious belief] is by it’s very nature universalist and doomed to failure.

“Propostional nations” are not proper nations at all. They more or less do not exist and they do not inspire loyalty from those who inhabit them.

James (Reply)
Thu 21 Oct 10 (12:24pm)


I think the young girl was very lucky that she was in a Western tolerant country. She only got banned from the bus for ten days(reduced to five)
If she had been in her fathers country she would have been stoned to death for pulling down a males pants, even if she was wearing a sixth century symbol of the inferiority of the female species, whose job it is to uphold the perceived purity of the family, especially as it reflects on the male members of the family.
The little muppet is old enough to understand that it’s her main duty to offer resistance against the prevailing norms of the alien Australian society which her father perceives as dangerous, immoral, and kufar.

burrah of Yandoit (Reply)


haha good on her.

Off topic…why is it these muslim women wear head dress, yet then wear skint ight pants witht he boobs out? Just 20 minutes ago I was at Coles and seen this exact thing…seems a bit pointless wearing it lol.

cb (Reply)

The most vile comment by Pied Piper was moderated and removed. It was there last night when I was reading the comment but removed by today. It shows the mods actually do something, although I wonder if it was actually Bolt personally responding to my later comment that some of the comments were very offensive.

alal replied to Jenz
Thu 21 Oct 10 (02:08pm)
“Good to see her standing up for herself but seeing six year olds covering their hair with a hijab, the purpose of which is to shield men from a woman’s alluring sexual powe”

actually it’s got something to do with being ordained by god..

perhaps you can send god a letter asking him why…

Did I just read that right, Talal. God thinks it’s OK to hack of a girls clitoris and sew her vagina closed? Please tell me I’ve misunderstood you and you’re not really a complete monster.

By the way, this is not exclusively a Muslim crime. Other cultural and religious groups have and continue to practice this.

CP of Melbourne (Reply)
Thu 21 Oct 10 (03:28pm)

Yep… I can see where this came from.

And what if some boy had done something similar to her? Instantly on the sex offenders list? Jihad?

Scarecrow (Reply)

Withold judgement until she’s 20…see whether she wants to convert or kill infidels, Jews, homosexuals, apostates and scarlet women as instructed by the Koran, ancillary writings and imams big and small.

With any luck she’ll be another western muslim who is embarrassed by the totality of the Koran.

TT (Reply)

All of this rubbish just because a little girl ‘dacked’ a little boy who was teasing her. Sigh!


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