Collingwood 2010 Premiership Posters

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Collingwood
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I swear that this is the last post that I am going to make about this. I guess that the good thing about being a Collingwood supporter is that there is always going to be a lot of merchandise featuring our beloved Magpies as Collingwood fans are renowned as being big spenders and there are so many of us, but this has almost become ridiculous. I am talking in respect to the 2010 Premiership Poster or should that be posters, as there are a few of them available.

First up is the Herald Sun poster by Knight (not WEG). I already have a few of these signed by Mark Knight. The poster is OK but not fantastic, but it is the only official Premiership poster. I guess most Pies fans would have several of these but if not they can be purchased at the Herald Sun shop in Southbank or online at the Herald Sun website or from the Good Friday Appeal website. They are $2 with proceeds going to the Good Friday Appeal.

The next poster is the 2010 WEG Art poster. Apparently before he died WEG made sketches for posters of all the teams mascots so that the tradition could be continued after his death. Not sure if that is true but I do know that this poster is more attractive than the Knight version. I do have this one but it cost me $15, including postage. Apparently Legends & Heroes in Richmond stock it for just $2 with the proceeds being donated to the Fight Cancer Foundation. It’s being sold at the WEGArt website for $10 plus postage.

The next poster is the WEG’S World one which is the official website for reprints of WEG’s posters. I’m not really sure of the difference between WEG’s World and WEGArt. Their poster is by Paul Harvey and is OK. It has sorta grown on me and I may purchase this if I could be bothered. If is available from the WEG’s World site starting at $10.

Also at that site is the Limited Edition posterof the Draw Grand Final. This is selling for $29.50 from the WEG’s World site. I wonder why there has not been more Draw merchandise released?!

The final poster is one that I just discovered today and is the one that seems to be the least publisised. As far as I know it is not available on Ebay as the others are but only available from the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria. It is known as the Joffa Premiers Poster after the well known Collingwood cheer squad leader who does a lot of fundraising work for the Epilepsy Foundation. The prices start at $20 which includes delivery and it comes in a number of styles, including one signed by Joffa himself. It does look very good and I am tempted to buy one. It is in the WEG style but is by Allan Purvis. It’s better than the WEG’s World posters by Harvey and almost as good as the Knight and WEGArt ones.

If there are any people who really love Joffa, you can also purchase a Joffa Bobblehead doll from the Epilespy Foundation for $30.

There is another one which Joffa got made up to use as an avatar on Nick’s Bulletin Board. To my knowledge it’s not official and is just a one off but it is perhaps the best of all the posters that have been made.

Would it be overkill to buy all of these or at the very least the Knight, WEGArt and Joffa Epilepsy ones?

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  2. Ado Osborne says:

    “Magpies Reign” Tawny port is available from – celebrate (or commiserate) the Magpies 2010 victory featuring a full colour cartoon art by OZ on a bottle of quality Australian wine – OZ has produced the “Wooden Spoon” and Grand Final Ports since 2002. * NOT AN OFFICIAL AFL PRODUCT *

  3. Gary says:

    There is a Joffa poster for 2011
    As long as the Pie’s win it will be available from the same places as last year.
    Looks great stay tuned

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