Some People Will Buy Anything

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Misc Thoughts

It seems that Collingwood supporters will buy anything black and white as can be seen by this Ebay auction. Up for bid is a CD of the Collingwood theme song, but in a brand new (terrible) Rock version for the 21st century.  (Sigh!) If that doesn’t sound bad enough there is the added bonus (lol) that you can have it personally signed by… Joffa. (None of the players or coaches would want to be associated with this abomination?!) Currently 8 of these CDs have sold at the price of $25 and there are 10 more available. Just goes to show that Collingwood fans will spend their money on anything Magpie related.

Call me a traditionalist but in my opinion I think that it is never a good idea to update these theme songs and an even worse idea to add additional lyrics to them as has been done here. By the way since when did Joffa become a celebrity? I have had Collingwood fans for the last couple of weeks talk about how they spoke to Joffa or got their photo taken with Joffa like it is a big deal. I don’t understand. Isn’t he just some clown from the cheer squad who wears that embarrassing gold jacket? Perhaps I should also add that I said G’day to Joffa at the Collingwood training on the Wednesday before the Grand Final but it’s not something I would boast about.


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