Rigged Or Fair Dinkum

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Football, Media Watch

Some people may read this and think that I am a little bitter (which is partly true), but there is something a bit fishy with Foxtel’s win free Grand Final tickets competition that they were running the last two days at Federation Square. They had been encouraging people to fill out an entry form and stick it into a big barrel, telling entrants that they would be drawing the winner live on their shows Teams (Thursday night) and Before The Bounce (Friday night). They did announce who the winners were on air but we did not see them pulling the winning entries from out of the barrel, which makes me think that things are a little bit suspect. Worse still is that when someone congratulated the girls who won tonight’s competition they said “We knew that we had won this morning.”  Is this true or were the girls just a bit too excited at winning the competition? The Foxtel people were encouraging people to enter the competition all day right up until 6:30pm, but why would they do this if these girls already won? Of course we do all know that this is just a way of Foxtel getting people’s details so they can call them up with offers, but I would like to think that I had a slight chance of winning the competition. Surely if they want people to know that the competition was above-board they would show the winning entry being drawn from the barrel?


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