Sydney = Pathetic

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Misc Thoughts

Last night I was watching Today Tonight and saw the NSW tourism minister Jodi McKay blatantly say that Sydney was Australia’s only global city because they have the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge and because a lot of American tourist visit there. This got me thinking…

If Sydney is so great why is the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, Australian Open Tennis, Melbourne Cup, AFL Grand Final, Australian MotoGP, UCI Road Cycling World Championships, ISAF Sailing World Cup, Boxing Day Test Cricket Match, Titanic Artefact Exhibition, Tim Burton Exhibition, the Australian Ballet, Australian Centre For The Moving Image and Australian Centre For Contemporary Art all in Melbourne or Victoria. Even the Red Bull Air race is in Perth, not Sydney.

Sydney are so desperate for major events that they make out that Oprah is only visiting the Opera House and then go about rubbing the noses of Tasmania, WA and SA in it. They still cannot get over the fact that since the Olympics a decade ago, nothing else has happened. They even had a reconstruction of the Olympics opening ceremony last week. Pathetic. They also neglect to mention that Melbourne stage the Olympics a half a century before Sydney in 1956 or that we have hosted both the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games.


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