Next Week

Posted: September 19, 2010 in AFL, Sport

Last night St Kilda beat the Western Bulldogs to set up a showdown with Collingwood in next week’s AFL Grand Final. I don’t think that St Kilda was all that impressive last night and they will have to play a lot better if they are going to beat the Magpies. Early in the game when the Bulldogs put the Saints under pressure St Kilda made a lot of errors and there were a lot of clanger kicks. Unlike the Dogs Collingwood will be relentless with their pressure for the entire four quarters, and as Geelong found out on Friday night the Maggies will capitalise on any error that the opposition makes. If St Kilda are to win next week they cannot afford to be as sloppy as they were in the first half last night.

I also wonder whether Brendon Goddard will end up being reported on video evidence for his errant elbow last night on Picken. I think this will definitely come under scrutiny of the match review panel but whether he is suspended is unknown. The Channel 10 commentators said that if last night was a regular home & away match then he would definitely get a week but that the tribunal would likely be more lenient with the Grand Final coming up next week. It should not be the case but we will see.


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