Islamophobia & Trolling On The 3AW Comments Page

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Media Watch, Racism

There is nothing like the mention of Muslims to bring out the worst in Australian’s. Over at 3AW Neil Mitchell was talking about the Dandenong Oasis’ plan to install a dress code next year for a celebration at the pool when a Muslim women’s group has their closed swim session. The 3AW message board went into melt down.

Im not sure if Neil Mitchell is serious when he stated on the radio most Aussies will not be bothered by the pool ban, its been discust all over Auss, and beleive me Neil Aussie’s are furious that we the people have to pander to the minority, if a race riot is started over this, it will be VCATS fault.

janet page Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 9:36 AM

This is Janet Page who seems to have nothing better to do than make hysterical comments. We’ll see some more of her later.

Guess what is next! Be tolerant and expect changes. Australia will become an Islamic country and how abt Mohammed Rudd, Mohammed Howard or Fatima Gillard?!

Alan Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 9:40 AM


One of your callers said it all, the are trying to take over and we will call them Muslims because that is what they are and the only people that wear the rag over there heads!!! we need to wake up or we will all suffer, you should stop being naive about this and take it seriously, you havent dealt with them before so you Neil cant talk! they will be ur best friend one day and kill you the next, to them if you are not a Muslium then you are an enemy, but they are doing it smart so people like you allow it to happen, I dont want my kids future being like Iraq, thats what will happen in Australia. Is that what Australian want? just think about it Neil and wake up.

Chantel Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 9:55 AM

To my knowledge the 3AW comments page is unmoderated, unlike that of the Herald Sun, although they may want to start doing so as they could get into trouble allowing someone to call Muslims ‘ragheads’.

I totally, totally agree with all of what Chantel says thru her email.
This is Australia, our bloody country. We, yes we, 90% of Australians DO NOT WANT any muslims here. Definately NO more muslim imigrants. Muslims cause problems in EVERY Country they go to. What is it with them showing so much hatred to others and always wanting to cause racism. What are there bloody leaders doing. Nothing as usual. It’s ALWAYS Muslims terrorist. Why. What are they being told at home and in their Mosques. I don’t get it. I am very, very scared for our wonderful country. Ban the burka and ban muslims in Australia.

mary robinson Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 10:12 AM

Is the above not inciting dislike of Muslims?

If I want to attend the Muslim Family Day in a public indoor Swimming centre, do I have to by new Islamic swimming attire? I’m presuming that all the Muslims attending abide by the strict Pool codes of no T shirts, materials (including headdress)allowed in the pool. The dress code implies that everyone must be covered up. Is the group responsible for imposing the dress code willing to provide swimwear satisfactory to their standards and preserve the hygenic standards of Australian pools? Perhaps the Council could foot the bill! I have no probs with the event but I don’t think the impact of the imposition has been thought through at all. This is a real problem O/seas when dress code is above the law and certain groups do not comply with pool regulations. As a result, pools are closed down for days in holiday destinations at the expense of other guests, to clean the pool water that has turned green and murky from clothing worn in the pool.

Maureen Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 10:14 AM

WTF. Some comments are dumber than others but Maureen’s comment there is pretty dumb.

I am soooo sick of the Muslims wanting us Aussies to change for them. Stuff them. They need to change to live here.

mary robinson Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 10:15 AM

Actually Mary it is not the Muslims who want us to change but the so-called ‘do-gooders’ who make these decisions on their behalf without any consultation about whether they want the changes or not.

If Neil thinks that most Australians won’t be bothered by this pool attire banning, look at the number of comments relating to the article in the Herald Sun. People are outraged and fed up!

Kim Cook Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 10:21 AM

The comments page of the H-un is filled with just as many hysterical comments as 3AW. What’s your point?

If so called Austrlians don’t like the way we are making a better Australia then pack your bags and get out take Anzac Day and Xmas with you because that is offence to us Muslims. Just face the facts Australia will be 100% Islam very soon so start looking for somewhere else to live you won’t be welcome. The Burqa should be law here.

Rinda – Berwick Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 10:24 AM

They wouldn’t get away with this in France, we are so weak as a society here, we should just say no! We are trying to be a modern country not one who is returning to the dark ages, time we stood up to these religious loonies.

Neil Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 10:32 AM

Why the hell do we want to be compared to the French?

The Islamisation of the Australian Society has began, they are also asking for ”Sharia law to function as a parallel system in the same way that some traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander law was recognised in the Northern Territory! Who are they
to demand to be treated like the original natives of the country?

They will sneak their little demands and from where it will grow to like what is happening in Britain.

Worried Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 10:34 AM

Please don’t quote from a News Ltd source as fact on anything.

I was recently in Egypt (a predominately Muslim country), and stayed at a hotel with a swimming pool. The traditional Muslim swimming wear was banned at this pool. Everyone who swam in this pool was expected to wear western style swimming attire, Muslims included.

It’s a 1 day event FOR Muslims. Another mountain out of a molehill fueled by the media to aggravate ignorant people.

Ben Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 10:37 AM

OMG common sense.

OH Rinda that sort of talk does not do the muslim community any favours that sort of talk is borderline threatening,same to you Mary not doing us skips any favours either i hope neither one of you think your speaking for everyone in your communities ,i agree everyone should dress as they want, and learn to tolerate one another,but such hateful comments are not the way to make your points.and i have no problem with head covering as long as the eyes are visible call it a compromise, keep the burqa but eyes uncovered only . have a nice day ladies

tracy Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 10:43 AM

From Wikipedia – Troll (Internet)
In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

Most people don’t know what an internet troll is it seems.

I agree with RINDA if Australians don’t like the muslim way of life then get out of the country you are no longer welcome. Australia will be an Islamic country for the good of all.

Joseph – Doncaster Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 10:46 AM

Of course Joseph knows all about trolling.

My god what has this world come too, Australia becoming Islam what are these people smoking…. Maybe I may just go live in France they seem to be the only SMART ONES!

Kelly Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:02 AM

You do know about the French persecution of the Gypsy’s that is also going on right now?

Well said Flip.
Can’t believe the rudeness of these pple. I am Australian and I feel like a foreigner in my own country.

Ryan Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:03 AM

The rudeness of the people posting Islamophobic comments? No, the rudeness of Muslim women who expect people to adhere to a dress code at a private event.

Well said Joseph and Rhinda…… this is the true MUSLIM point of view. I am glade you have made Australians aware of your true intentions – to get rid of the Australian culture and introduce Sharia law into Australia…..
The boot should be on the other foot, if you people don’t like the Australian way of life, what are you doing here in the first place ?
Shape up or ship out.

Peter B. Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:03 AM

Another person who doesn’t recognise a troll when he sees one.

Rinda, you are the reason we Aussies HATE MUSLIMS, dont be fooled for a moment Rinda, we Aussies will Fight And WIN.

janet page Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:06 AM

And the trolls got exactly what they wanted.

Last time i checked australia is not a muslim country yet so it might be a good idea to stop telling people to leave, i have always treated all people with respect for their beliefs and opinions but rinda and joseph just sound like every racist,redneck fanatic making veiled threats to decent people not everybody who is not a muslim is bad any more than any one who is not christian is bad . Some comments from both sides dripping with hate this worries me more than some dress code.

tracy Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:08 AM

I do find it funny when people respond to trolls, but the thing that amuses me so much is that the trolling here was so obvious. I cannot believe that 1) 3AW allowed the troll’s comment to be posted unmoderated, and 2) that people fell for it hook, line and sinker.

I agree that non muslims should not become subject to Islamic laws but have the people complaining actually read the story properly. The Islamic council of Victoria doesnt think its a great idea as it will get a negative reaction as indeed it has. And the women wanting to do it are opening a private session up to the public. They are not forcing anyone to do anything they are just asking guests to their session to observe their dress codes. Public facilities are hired out all the time for closed sessions to all sorts of groups and i dont hear complaints about this. Our local pool actually has a closed night for nudists, the extreme opposite of the muslim womens session and no-one has ever complained about this. Its really about the same as a vegetarian inviting you around for dinner and asking you not to bring meat.

Its a bit sad that this attempt of opening up was better of never attempted.

Anthony Martin Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:10 AM

Shhh… Don’t allow common sense to get in the way of all the hysteria. (Hmmm, I wonder if this is Tony Martin of D-Gen fame?)

Joseph, you are a laugh, the Name Joseph is Hebrew, the First jews.

janet page Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:14 AM

Which is probably why the troll used that alias.

Sharon that is already happening. Christmas school and kinder concerts are not so much about Christmas anymore and lots of cards say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Time to turn back to our Christian country despite what anyone does or doesn’t believe. Most Muslim countries run by Muslim Governments are too dangerous to live in, why are we overseas protecting them while they are over here telling us what we can and can’t do. Maybe they should fight their own wars and bring the Aussie troops back.

Tasha Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:18 AM

Yes, we should allow Al Qaeda and the Taliban to rake control of Afghanistan again. There’d be no harm in that would there?

Rinda you and people like you are wanting to incite racism.Why did you leave your country if it was the perfect place.
Did you think you could change the Australian way of life, forget it.
If you are not happy with the way we live, then go home to your perfect place.
Re the Dandenong Pool issue
If it is deemed as a private event then there is no issue.
However will you abide by a ruling that if Australians want to do the same are you prepared to accept the ruling that anyone attends can wear their normal swim wear, then there shuold be no problem either

dazza Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:22 AM

I thought Dazza recognised a troll but sadly not. It wouldn’t occur to him that both Rinda and Joseph are Australian born and not-Muslim and just trying to stir up shit.

Kelly I commend you. But, big mistake. You are definitely mistaking Champs Elisee with Melbourne CBD. Universes apart, and the French is on the winner on that. Filth is filth.

Mary Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:25 AM

I’d have to check but isn’t alluding to Muslim’s as being filth racist?

We can’t ban the burqa but Muslims can ban the bikini. Joseph of Doncaster, your comments are evil and designed to incite hatred of Muslims. I bet you and all like you enjoy a pretty good life here compared to where you came from so why make it the same.

Maria Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:35 AM

He’s a troll. Do you not understand that? He is most likely Australian born and not Muslim. Do you not understand that?

I’m sick of Muslims telling us what to do, I feel us Aussies will become Aliens in our own country.
Multicultulism is all cultures exept ours.

sick of em Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:38 AM

LOL stupid comment.

This country is becoming a refuse pit by the very voting pattern of its own citizens. I don’t understand all the fuss now. I don’t even eat kebabs because it offends my own feelings let alone the rest. We CAN live without all the crap around us. Only, a lot around suck to the excreta.

Benny Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:51 AM

I think that alluding to Muslims as crap and refuse is racist? I’d have to check though.

Joseph dream on you moron,Australia will never become an islamic country because unlike the backward countries nutcases like you come from us aussies have some intelligence and wont allow it to happen.So when you are alone at night doing what you do best just remember YOU MORONS WONT WIN!!

Darrell Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 12:14 PM

Answer: Someone who doesn’t know how to use punctuation or recognise a troll calling someone else a moron…
Question: What is irony?

Wake up Australia – be warned. We are basically a christian country and the muslim ultimate aim is to take over and instal islam. Its a subtle dangerous religion with an ulterior motive. Our governments should take serious head of the problems in european countries and the UK and realise this is Australia’s troubled future if we don’t stop them coming in. They have large families. Westerners don’t. They are serious about their religion, westerners are passive. All the warning signs are there – wake up Australia, eyes wide open, please. Ban the burgua – ban the building of mosques. If we make it tough, they wont come. Let them celebrate their religion in their own countries. Its not for ours.

Tassie Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 1:06 PM

We are not a Christian country. We are secular. Why do people not understand this?

This crazy stuffed up Victorian labor government creating a super highway to intollerance and discrimination listen to the idiot and what he is saying this is a public facility not a religous facility. Banosh whatever you are, the day is coming very soon, we see what is happening overseas in Europe, in England etc it ain’t going to happen here get used to it or get gone elsewhere.

brisman Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 1:28 PM

I have no idea what you are saying.

Rinda of Berwick.

You cant be serious.A better Australia if we were 100% Islam!!

Suggest you take your Koran,your halal,your camel and tent go and live under President Mahmoud Madman in Iran if you think Islamic rule is so good.

frank Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 1:29 PM

Rinda and Joseph if the furture is Muslim i’m glad i won’t live to see it. Gita hasn’t noticed Broadmeadows has a lot of crime, thanks to the culture. Suppression of womens rights is not what i would call moving with the times, what idiot suggested that we get used to it, Muslim culture is the biggest step backwards for the entire human race.

barbara Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 1:30 PM

The ban on skimpy clothes will apply between 6.15 and 8.15pm on August 21 next year, a time when the pool is closed to the public and normally used by a Muslim women’s swimming group.
Quote from

So if I understand this the ban is for 2 hours on one day of the year right?
So what get over it, if you want to go the pool at that time respect the women that normally go there for their exercise at that time and cover up otherwise don’t go to the pool on that day at that time. Sheesh! What a load of hype over nothing. for madness Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 1:39 PM

I said it before, don’t allow common sense to intrude on the hysteria.

Rinda, i suggest you leave Australia, as we do not tolerate Barbarians, who Stone Women to death, we do not put up with Genital Mutilation on young girls, and we will not stand for Barbarians who demand young girls into a forced marriage.

janet page Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 2:07 PM

Janet certainly has given the trolls their moneys worth.

Iam home from school sick and hearing everything on the radio and dont like the way everyone is fighting and that no one seems to care what we want.
at my school we always have trouble with food and clothing and jewlery because the muslim kids always complain about everything i wish they would stop and try and like how we live in Australia.I think they want us to always chnage what we do and they dont care about us and how we feeel its not fair.

my future Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 2:36 PM

I feel sorry that your school is spending more time on monitoring your eating habits and dress sense rather than your use of punctuation.

Rinda, Your a complete fool. Muslims elect to come to Australia and as such should embrace the Australian way of life, not Australia embracing the Muslim way of life.

I have been to the middle east and when in country always observed local customs, I to was quite aware of what I could and could not wear in public.

When in the middle east I did not see a single place that observed western cultures ie try buying alcohol to have with your lunch, you cant, and why, because everyone is praying till 4pm and its against the law.

As for Anzac day, if it was not for the Anzacs and the Anzac spirit you would not be sitting here writing such rubbish.

If you think we offend you with Anzac day and Christmas then I suggest you pack your belongings together and go back to where ever it is you come from.

Australia is a truly tolerant country, but tolerance runs out, especially when it comes to people who share your views.

Hamish Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 3:00 PM

Ah let em go and do what they want,the more crap they stir up the quicker we can get rid of the bloody lot of them and send them back riding their camels(try doing that in a bikini) in their own hellholes that they came from dodging bullets and shrapnel from bombs.Why are those countries like that? any wonder.They are their own worst enemies yet too stupid and backward to realize,”allah” really you have to wonder how anyone could be that gullable to believe that!

Darrell Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 3:15 PM

No racism here?! Could 3AW be held responsible for the comments that have been allowed to be posted on their page? Especially if they are found to be offensive.

Was it not that Victorians voted overwhelmingly to get Julia Gillard and the Labor party in power. They forget that the latter are the promoters and importers of these undesirable characters in our state and country?
What’s all the fuss now.
Get real. Islamics will rule this country unless the whingers rethink their dumb strategies.

Hart Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 4:27 PM


Hamish your comments are spot on – Rinda go back to where u come from! Australia is a wonderful country that our ancesters went to war for to give us all peace to live in this beautiful country, how dare u bring up our Anzacs is your debate you are a discrace.

Anne Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 4:32 PM

Lets face it. Taliban sharia norms are here without Talibans invading our country.
What does it tell us?
They got a foot not in the door only but in the nation’s b..t.
Solution: Kick the Labor party and their lackeys out everywhere in the country and start reshaping our nation by any means available. Evil must be destroyed and no method should be neglected. Simple moto: Go away and stay away.
If not, ban the bikini itself and start wearing the bulka till you get used to it.

Arch Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 4:36 PM

So the Labor Party are Evil. WTF!!!

What next, only gay people allowed on St. Kilda Beach on a certain day, overweight journalistic windbags allowed in pubs only between 4 and 6 o’clock, muslim men allowed only in Broadmeadows between 12 and 2 on Fridays or maybe transgender turtles only allowed in the Yarra next week.

Fair dinkum what is Australia coming to.

VCAT, you are a bunch of politically correct, knuckle dragging, mind boggling ineptitudes as well as dickheads (I can say that).

When will our politicians get some balls and stop pussyfooting around for fear of being labelled racist.

You left-wing idiots make me sick and are selling Australia down the drain just so you can look good in the eyes of the MINORITY.

This is so divisive and will just create an even bigger divide than there already is. It is because of this that Australians are disliking moslems more and more.

Jane Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 5:26 PM

Rinda – why are you even here in Australia? You speak like a true control freak and extremeist. I didn’t realise your people were modern day Nazis. Thanks for the enlightenment. Sounds like your perfect world is back in the Muslim Middle-East. Just go back home! No need for you to exert/inflict your particular version of Utopia upon us, we’re quite happy the way we are.
Go on, pack up and leave the country – or is Berwick too comfortable for you? You can’t have it both ways you know…!

Justine Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 6:07 PM

Can you people read? It is the council and the YMCA that is suggesting the ban, not the muslim community! The spokesperson for the Victorian Islamic Council said that they are against the clothing restrictions. Once again, people only pay attention to what they want.

SuzieQ Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 6:09 PM

LOL common sense!

Rinda and Joseph,your message is received load and clear. I hope that you will also receive this with the same clarity – People with your attitude and beliefs are not wanted here in Australia. Please do us all a favour and leave, the sooner the better.

Geoff Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 6:20 PM

Muslims want to take over the world, wake up Australia. Do your research, it’s already started while we sleep….. oi oi oi

Matt Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 8:08 PM

Dr Evil is Muslim now?!

Well hasn’t this topic riled everyone up! and rightfully so.
We have so many problems with Muslims.
Has anyone noticed that we don’t have these problems with any other religion ?
They ban xmas and easter celebrations from schools,music classes ecause even the recorder promotes promiscuity,bacon is getting banned from world wide chain food outlets eg: KFC,all our foods are now Halal,there are double standards for our kids in schools as they can war their head scarves but our children are told to remove crosses from their necklaces,take your helmet off at the bank or airport but wear a burqa and you are exempt !! C’mon people,open your eyes and see what is happening !! the Koran says it is their duty to come to our western countries and take over,it is preached to them from an earl age.We are infidels and they are holy and they will take us over.
The reason more people don’t speak up is because they are scared.In our own minds most of us hate muslims but just dont say it… and it is not because we are racist it has nothing to do with culture or background or skin colour it DOES have everything to do with how they behave and what they do…. That is not racism that is trying to protect our children from the evils of one day having to live in an islamic country.Mark my words your children will be opressed if we keep letting the muslims change us.This is not about the swimming pool in Dandenong this is about EVERYTHING THEY DO IN AUSTRALIA… STOP THEM

NotHappyJan Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 9:25 PM

I could easily just make up bullshit and blame it on the Muslims too.

As an expat Australian living in Greece im angered that Australia has fallen into the same trap as western europe in regards to Muslim relations. This type of religious arrogance which is carried out by migrant muslims on the local communities they emigrate to is offensive and must be stopped immediately. It has already caused huge friction and led to deaths in europe and will lead to the same in Australia. The only way to deal with it is the the way greek immigration authorities deal with it – ridicule their requests and club them senseless if they dont behave. And of course make islam an automatic fail on any citizenship application. Coz as the greeks say “you have the right to believe whatever u want – but u dont have the right to include me in your madness”.

mathew Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 9:58 PM

WTF. How the hell can someone who spells Mathew the correct way be so stupid? Please add another ‘T’ to your name so people don’t confuse me with you?! And you are advocating violence against Muslim women because the Dandenong Council made this ruling despite not consulting with Islamic groups?

BTW… Does 3AW agree with Mathew’s comment that we should copy the Greek government and start ‘clubbing’ migrants if the don’t behave?

Every Muslim in Australia is 100% for those in Afganistan and do not care less for Australian Soldiers. Theses Soldiers are the sons and grandsons of the Anzacs who fought to give muslims the right to live in Australia and the tanks they get is that muslims want to see Australians wiped out.

Brian- Doncaster Thursday 16 September, 2010 – 11:33 PM

As I said earlier, I can make up bullshit to blame on the Muslims too. It is very easy to make a point without facts to back it up. You do know that Muslims fought alongside the ANZACS in the two World Wars?

A leading Muslim spokesperson says she disagrees with a ban on boardshorts, speedos and bikinis at a Dandenong pool.Wait! Wait till the percentage of Muslim population is a little higher then she’ll sing a different tune.

Clay Friday 17 September, 2010 – 2:57 AM

LOL, I thought they taken us over already!

I need your advice, what are the Laws in our country on being a (Traitor, inciting people to violence), as i am serious about notifing the AFP, about Joseph, , and Rinda.

janet page Friday 17 September, 2010 – 9:05 AM

Hi Janet! I need advice on what the laws of stupidity are.

Joseph and Rinda. Read our Laws.

1. a crime that undermines the offender’s government
2. disloyalty by virtue of subversive behavior
3. an act of deliberate betrayal.

janet page Friday 17 September, 2010 – 9:29 AM

Save Australia and listen to those other countires that have been warning us about the dangers of Muslims.
Their religion totally conflicts with our western values.Bringing them here and allowing them to breed like rabbits in this country and be supported by welfare is asking for trouble.
The sooner we realise we are already fighting a war the better we can start defending ourselves against the evil of Islam. We do not want to live in an islamic country we want to live in a western country. We want to live in AUSTRALIA and if the Muslims dont want to conform to our ways then ship them back to the country they came from… They are only here for our Medicare and centrelink anyways…..

Save Australia Friday 17 September, 2010 – 10:16 AM

WTF. Does 3AW agree with this comment that we are at war with Islam? If not then why allow something so inflammatory to be posted on their website?

World wide there is always conflict with muslims in all countries.
We will not know what we have gotten ourselves into until it is too late.
We need to stop muslim immigration and concerntrate of those cultures and religions that do want a better life and bring them here instead.
This will never end this is only the beginning of the war they are waging upon us.
I am worried for my childrens future.So very very worried of what we are creating for them.

Elizabeth Friday 17 September, 2010 – 10:20 AM

Save Australia I completely agree!!!
They are the world terrorists and everyone is afraid to say NO. Who cares about climate change when the world we leave to our kids will be a Muslim run Australia. Watch out first a female PM next a Muslim and goodbye Aussie life.

Ryan Friday 17 September, 2010 – 10:41 AM

Huh! So it’s bad to have a woman as PM and she is ruining Aussie life? WTF is wrong with you?

I really gave up on snarky things to say because some of the stupidity was overwhelming. I’ll have to listen to 3AW on Sunday morning just to hear how overt the top John Michael Howson goes with his ‘Islam bashing’, although listening to Howson and Darren James is a bit like aural torture.

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  2. […] He also questions whether the radio station should be held accountable: Could 3AW be held responsible for the comments that have been allowed to be posted on their page? Especially if they are found to be offensive. Islamophobia & Trolling On The 3AW Comments Page […]

  3. […] He also questions whether the radio station should be held accountable: Could 3AW be held responsible for the comments that have been allowed to be posted on their page? Especially if they are found to be offensive. Islamophobia & Trolling On The 3AW Comments Page […]

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  5. Watch out says:

    Wake up Australia. They will wait as long as it takes to take over. They will impregnate your women and breed like rats. Just look at the UK and Europe or should I say Eurabia. Next comes the overload of the welfare system because most of them live off of the state.
    What is happening around the globe is worse than Nazism Communism Fascism. A totalitarian regime disguised as a religion! There is no war on terror its Islam everyone is fighting.

  6. Millsie says:

    Sigh! I do not agree with the above comment and have only approved it to show just how moronic some people are. Of course unlike the Herald Sun or 3AW websites whenever someone leaves a comment that I think is totally stupid I will say so.

  7. Watch out says:

    and you are so intelligent millsie. I don’t think so.

  8. Millsie says:

    More intelligent than you

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