Posted: September 16, 2010 in Misc Thoughts

So far this year I have not mentioned anything about the footy. I think that it is exactly twelve months ago when I talked up Collingwood’s chances of winning the premiership… and of course on that occasion they were thrashed by Geelong in the preliminary final. I am too superstitious to say whether I think Collingwood will beat Geelong tomorrow night in the preliminary final rematch, as every time in the past that I have done this the Magpies have disappointed me. I hope they win but I am not so sure if they will.

Listening to some of the words coming out of the Cats’ mouths this last week has made me think that Geelong are a little desperate and worried that they may not be as much a certainty to win as they have been in previous years. People have remarked about Mark Thompson playing mind games with the other teams by claiming that they are all jealous of Geelong, but this tactic doesn’t seem to have worked at all since Collingwood, St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs have all refused to bite. What strikes me is that in the three previous finals series Geelong has never needed to trash talk their opponents, which is why I feel that they are not as confident as they have been in the past. If the Cats lose on Friday Thompson will undoubtedly look foolish for his words and have a large amount of egg on his face.

Having said all of that I will not predict a Collingwood win. I want them to win both the preliminary final and the grand final, but I won’t predict that they will win as the always do the opposite of what I say. I really hope that the Pies prevail. I do think that St Kilda will beat the Bulldogs in the other preliminary final to make it through to the grand final but I cannot say who they will play.


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