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Posted: September 13, 2010 in Australian Politics, Media Watch

There is nothing else that gets the readers of the Herald Sun website as riled up as an article on ‘illegal immigrants’. Here is some of the inevitable hysterical comments from the readers after Labor’s new immigration minister Chris Bowen said that it is not going to be easy to stop the boats coming from Indonesia. (Please note the negative spin that the H-un has put on the story too!)
Also please keep in mind that reader’s comments are SUPPOSED to be MODERATED before being published to stop offensive comments from being posted on the site which could get the H-un in trouble later on.

Fabian Society of Stalingrad Posted at 9:47 PM September 12, 2010
We are doomed. Well done to all the numbnuts that voted ALP, Green or independent.
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Obviously the above quote was not moderated. I think that the H-un only moderates pro-Labor comments and lets everything else go through ‘as-is’.

Yas of Melbourne Posted at 9:57 PM September 12, 2010
The new minister is a joke. Who in their right minds would send out a clear signal to all who want to come here that “We won’t stop you”. This clown rightfully deserves a high position in Jillard’s circus.
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Is the above comment defamatory?

B Knight Posted at 9:57 PM September 12, 2010
Chris Bowen is actually saying “we really have no intention of stopping the boats”. Just send a luxury cruiser to Indonesia and load as many so called asylum seekers as possible and bring them here.
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Sherro of Templestowe Posted at 9:59 PM September 12, 2010
Thanks Victoria for voting Labor and for more of this. I think it’s fantastic that we are going to get more illegal refos, make more money for the criminals who smuggle them, pay more in welfare for them as actual Australians get kicked further down the queue for everything from housing to health. What an enlightened choice you Labor voters made. Stand up and be proud, incase we can’t see your extended foreheads with the labotomy scars on each side.
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Nope, not offensive. No reason to moderate that comment.

Sharia law anyone? of Victoria Posted at 10:00 PM September 12, 2010
Of course they will do nothing to protect our borders…there was never an intention. Their agenda is the slow destruction of Australia as we have known it and the creation of a new Commie land.
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So does the H-un believe that comment?

Jenny Posted at 10:08 PM September 12, 2010
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airtime of perth Posted at 10:09 PM September 12, 2010
as australians want the boats stopped, if eand labor cant do it they shouldnt be in government. oh thats right, they shouldnt be !
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Nick Kitapci of Broadmeadows Victoria Posted at 10:10 PM September 12, 2010
350 asylum seekers held in detention centres who knows how much been held? I bet you they got these people to vote for Labor Government to make a deal thats how labor one i bet you?
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Nick, to be eligible to vote in Australia you need to be an Australian citizen or a British subject on a Commonwealth electoral roll as at 25 January 1984.

lillian field Posted at 10:13 PM September 12, 2010
I wait to know if Julia Gillard’s ministers in their new portfolia’s are not prepared to comment their views for fear of being taken to task or demoted by a very dominate leader full of her radical power. So we will wait to know how many more illegal boats keep arriving at our shore. I doubt Chris Bowen will be competent to handle his portfolio. I love this country being an Australian borne citizen and have reservations in regard in my personal opinion of honest conrolled “management” with this labor government. One cannot expect to have circumstances overlooked in the long term, and poetic justice will prevail in reference to Julia Gillard’s present reign as P.M. and truth will prevail over deceit.
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Richard A Payne of nsw Posted at 10:14 PM September 12, 2010
you might as well tell the whole world to come here after a statement like that i voted for the the greens i should have voted liberalit looks like the welsh mrs thatcher and her amateur cronies are going to drag australia down to the same level as the long to the next election???????????????
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You really voted Greens? You do know that they are pro-asylum seeker? Also what does it matter if Ms. Gillard spent the first five years of her life in Wales? She has spent the last 44 years in Australia!

julie of woy woy Posted at 10:24 PM September 12, 2010
refuel and send them back.if labor lets hundreds of boats in over a three year period they wont ever get in again,most Australians dont want them here send them home .tony abbot had more votes than gillard and that’s what he would have we are stuck with a open door policy that most Australians dont want.have some balls send them home
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I guess all of the asylum seekers will end up in Woy Woy?!

jeff of nambour Posted at 10:27 PM September 12, 2010
If you got the navy to have a bit of target practice at these invaders minister, then maybe you will stop the boats..Absolutely weak as you know what Mr Bowen..Give up on the first day…You disgust me sir…
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So are you suggesting that the RAN opens up and fires on the boats? Even Abbott would not advocate that but then again…

I apologise in advance to any Queenslanders and the above pic is not my opinion on you as a whole,  just of Jeff of Nambour.

No Quarrantine of Boat People From Terrorist Harbouring Countries Posted at 10:29 PM September 12, 2010
Labour will not defend Australians or our culture and are in favour of flooding the country with people whose intention is the abrogation of democracy and the istallation of Sharia. Good luck Australia but i believe its going to be all BAD.
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peter of syd Posted at 10:34 PM September 12, 2010
we need an Australian PM not someone born overseas.
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What is the deal with this crap that the right are spouting? So what if she spent her first 5 years in Wales… but then again to some people (morons) it doesn’t matter how long you have lived here, as long as you were born overseas you can never be Australian.

john smith Posted at 10:35 PM September 12, 2010
pauline or should i say julia , redheads rule or is julia just an overated pauline ,at least pauline is a better looker and didnt stab or suck up .from here at least politics will be entertaining ,come back pauline your better
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There have been some ridiculous comments in the past couple of days but the stupidest have come from ‘right-wingers’ over Julia Gillards’ looks (as if this really matters!) Yesterday on Twitter someone said that Julie Bishop was better looking than Gillard while today someone is saying that Pauline Hanson is better looking. (I just threw up in my mouth a little thinking that anyone could think Hanson is the slightest bit attractive)

paul walsh of horsham Posted at 10:42 PM September 12, 2010
well mr bowen you better find a way to stop these boats, because we as australians are sick and tired of these people invading our country at their own some backbone and do something, you were elected to represent the australian public so do it and stop the damned boats.
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Dep Posted at 11:01 PM September 12, 2010
Well we don’t need your department then do we dick – just leave the door open and let them settle in. Bring back John Howard and give us a prime minister with guts !
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How did a comment in which the writer called someone a ‘dick’ get through the moderation process?

John H of sale vic Posted at 11:42 PM September 12, 2010
It is very easy to stop the boats Mr bowen ,you just have to grow some coconuts.The liberals managed to stop them OK.It’s simple,Australia is a democratic country where the opinion of the majority is meant to matter,and the majority of us don’t want third world queue jumpers to make up any percentage of our population.They offer nothing.
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Of course someone in Sale would know all about the contributions that refugees have made.

NO CARBON TAXES Posted at 2:07 AM Today
LABOR = EPIC FAILURE. carbon taxes, high immigration, zero border protection, green schemes/scams. ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY.
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Roman878 of Balwyn Posted at 6:19 AM Today
Gillard is so full of crap
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Constructive criticism?

Jeff of a street not too far away Posted at 6:30 AM Today
Little Afghanistan, here we come 😦
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God help us Posted at 7:03 AM Today
Oh no, what a clown we have here. What a positive CAN DO attitude he has, NOT!!! Get rid of this jerk and get someone who can do their job and stop the illegal immigrants for gods sake…
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granny of mildura Posted at 7:03 AM Today
If dizzy-Chris can’t stop the boats will he have these people living on his door step and in his street and around the block in his suburb…lord help us.
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swannut of mildura Posted at 7:26 AM Today
Thanx you moron labor voters
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Two comments from Mildura, the place where a year ago this happened…

lindsay of Melbourne Posted at 7:47 AM Today
Don’t stress, Mr Bowen. We always knew that Labor had no intention of changing its “open-door” approach to economic migrants posing as asylum seekers.
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I don’t get why these comments are not moderated but whenever someone tries to post a pro-Labor comment it does not appear, no matter how well written it is. Of course we could say that these comments are allowed under our freedom of speech laws but let’s look at those laws a little…

Freedom of speech
Australians are free, within the bounds of the law, to say or write what we think privately or publicly, about the government, or about any topic. We do not censor the media and may criticise the government without fear of arrest. Free speech comes from facts, not rumours, and the intention must be constructive, not to do harm. There are laws to protect a person’s good name and integrity against false information. There are laws against saying or writing things to incite hatred against others because of their culture, ethnicity or background. Freedom of speech is not an excuse to harm others.

I get that most of the comments are moronic and therefore are allowed to be printed under FOS but when you have people saying that the asylum seekers are all criminals, terrorists, welfare recipients then that is an example of harming a groups good name and integrity by spreading false information. Same thing with saying that Labor got the asylum seekers who are being held in detention to vote Labor, something that Bolt hinted at in a recent blog post, even though only Australian citizens are allowed to vote. Saying that the Royal Australian Navy should have target practice on the asylum seekers boats is one of the most ridiculous things that has ever been published and it breaches our free speech laws because the intention is not constructive (like most of the comments) and is advocating that the Navy should harm others. By publishing comments such as the above it almost seems as though the Herald-Sun condones and agrees with them.


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