What I’ve Been Saying All Along

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Australian Politics, Media Watch

I heard today that the Prime Minister criticised the media’s coverage of the election today on the ABC’s Insiders program. In reference to the way News Ltd covered the election she said that she disapproved of “editorialising on the front page”. It is what I have been saying all along. The ABC always gets criticised for being ‘left wing’ and pro-Labor, yet during the election the Murdoch media virtually campaigned for the Coalition. It’s amazing how every Labor policy was scrutinized and then dismissed by so-called opinion makers like Andrew Bolt and Piers Ackerman yet the Coalition was given a free ride. Every one of their policies were applauded and championed by News Ltd’s ‘journalists’ and when the $10 billion budget blowout was discovered after the election they just dismissed it by saying “Oh well, it’s still better than what Labor is doing.”


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