Did You Know The President Was Black?

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Misc Thoughts, Racism

Being an Australian I don’t really take much notice of US politics, but as Rupert Murdoch and his acolytes here such as Andrew Bolt have been championing Sarah Palin and Rupert’s own Glenn Beck and their Tea Party rallies, I knew that something evil was afoot. They have tried to assure us that there is nothing racist about their opposition to Obama but I am not so sure. Here are just some of the signs that have been pictured at these Tea Parties over the last year and a bit, as well as some from when Obama was campaigning for president. It’s pretty stupid and scary stuff.

Apparently President Obama is a Muslim according to 20% of Americans.

He’s also as bad as Hitler and Lenin.

Hitler again.

The above pic is what I think sums up the sentiments of many of the Tea Baggers.

He’s going to cause another holocaust too.

He’s a Communist.

He’s many things.

Hey, black people like waffles. (This is almost clever)

Because he’s not American.

President Obama caused 9/11.

He’s a Communist again.

And a Muslim.

A half-breed Muslim.


Sam Newman would be proud of this.

Again with the Holocaust stuff.

This is from a Murdoch paper (as if you couldn’t guess).

I think that the above one is funny and clever, which is a relief when you see what is coming up.

He’s not American and talks in jive.

Chains and slavery… get it.

Again with the monkey stuff.

And the Holocaust stuff.

And the Hitler, Lenin stuff.

So much that is wrong with the above.


So Obama is a  black half-breed Kenyan Muslim monkey terrorist  who is like Hitler and Lenin and he kills babies too.

Too lazy to caption all of the above but suffice to say they think he’s a Muslim terrorist. (Of course they were OK with Bush’s ties to the Saudis)

The above is perhaps the one I think is most offensive.

Again with the Kenya stuff.

It’s disturbing that they get their kids to hold up the abominable signs too.

WTF!!! Does Obama rape Elmo and kill babies too?

It’s all pretty horrible and evil stuff. There may be a lot of legitimate concerns about Obama’s presidency but it seems that too many Americans are just racist and don’t like seeing a black man as president. Any legitimate concerns are overshadowed by the absurd racists who keep doing this shit. Of course we are meant to be in the 21st Century and racism is supposed to be a thing of the past, but it seems that there are many out there who are still stuck in the 18th century.


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