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Posted: August 26, 2010 in Media Watch

Some more hilarity from the comments on Andrew Bolt’s blog…

Australians insult God at their peril. How scary! To have our country led and influenced by an atheist leader, with Greens supporters. The Melbourne Green MP states that same sex marriage is one of their “values” – I call that grievous sin. We will be thrown headlong into a Godless society – a catastrophe from which we will not easily recover.

In the whole Climate Change debacle, nobody has given God credit for having anything at all to do with it. Yes, humans are wasteful and careless and neglectful in many, many ways but they cannot move mountains – God can!

Who do these Independents think they are? They are arrogant, self-seeking and completely carried away with themselves. The millions of voters who voted Labor and Coalition didn’t give them the right to direct their futures. The ONE and ONLY member of the Green Party who got a seat in the House of Representatives is carrying on as if he has won the election single-handed. He should wake up to himself and get his situation in perspective. All I have heard from social commmentators, journalists and so-called expert political analysts is a whole lot of hogwash.

If they had been listening to anything other than their own voices they would have heard Tony Abbott say on more than one occasion during the weeks of campaigning that if the Coalition were voted in, he would do something about changing the conduct of Question Time etc etc. Wasn’t anyone listening? Also Mr Abbott is still waiting for the outcome of the Federal Police investigation into the leaks concerning the first policies they put forward to be costed and that investigation has not yet been completed.

Please let us vote again and get it right this time and give this three-ring circus a miss.

God bless Australia.
Mary Lacey of Brisbane (Reply)

It seems that the Libs chances are slipping away as the Bolts are calling for the election to be reheld.

This country is heading to the abyss for the following reasons:

1. Gillard have done a closed door deal with the three big miners. Shareholders do not know the details. The directors should be charged, trading should be halted for these three companies on the ASX, and Gillard arrested for insider trading if she has bought or sold shares in any of those companies since the secret agreement.

2. The three/four independents are conducting a virtual coup at worst or just playing games with the country as best. They should listen first and foremost to their constituents, who clearly want them to side with LNP, not Labor. If they side with Labor they will destroy what’s left of democracy in this country.

3. The mainstream media, especially the ABC have been conducting a propaganda campaign against Abbott, and let Rudd and now letting Gillard get away with spin, spin, spin. The media have lost all credibility and so have no relevance to providing factual information to the public.
Peter of Sydney (Reply)
Thu 26 Aug 10 (07:51am)

If the independents constituents wanted them to side with the LNP then surely they would have voted for the LNP? Also does the mainstream media include the Murdoch press? I don’t think that the Herald Sun, The Australian, The Courier Mail or the Daily Telegraph have been running with an anti-Abbott agenda, but I do agree that they have lost all credibility and so have no relevance to providing factual information to the public.

The lucky country is now officially the stuffed country. Idiot rural voters saddled Victoria with ten plus years of incompetent Labor government by voting for independents and now they’ve done the same federally.

The rural sector is selfish and incredibly stupid. Take it from me because I’ve lived in the country all my life and seen it at first hand.
Come in spinner (Reply)
Thu 26 Aug 10 (08:14am)

Actually an even more incompetent Liberal opposition has saddled Victoria with an incompetent Labor government.

Labor most likely you say.

Are you suffering from a bout of depression or are you just trying to depress the rest of us.

I’m already depressed enough after dealing with Telstra for a week. All I wanted was my ADSL transferred to my new address. They assured me it could be done but after a week of waiting it became clear it couldn’t be done. Too far from the exchange.

We used to have a home bundle package that gave us 100 gig of downloads on ADSL 2 for around $120 per month and included all our local and std calls and calls to Telstra mobiles.

Sadly we’ve lost that because there’s no such bundles with wireless internet which we’re now forced to use. In addition our internet cost has risen to $109 per month with a 10 gig download. Twice the price, slower speed and 90 per cent less gigs.

I may write to the ACCC. Seems ridiculous. In the meantime no more talk of Labor victories please. I’m depressed enough.
Come in spinner (Reply)
Thu 26 Aug 10 (09:08am)

Of course if Tony Abbott becomes PM all of your broadband problems will be magically fixed.

There just seems to be no way of pleasing the Bolters.


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