People generally think of picture books as being something only for little kids to enjoy and don’t look at them as being wonderful works of art in themselves. I think because they are often used by very young children and are generally cheap to buy the artistic values of the books seem to go unnoticed. What people don’t realise is that many of the writers/illustrators also worked in other visual arts areas such as animation and advertising.

I have heard parents talking about how reading picture books to their children can be a chore but if that is the case then I think they are reading the wrong books.

Some author/illustrators that I recommend are…

Virginia Lee Burton – Author/Illustrator of The Little House, Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, Maybelle the Cable Car, Katy and the Big Snow and others.

Maurice Sendak – Author/Illustrator of Where The Wild Things Are and In The Night Kitchen.

P.D. Eastman – Author/Illustrator of Go, Dog. Go!, A Fish Out Of Water, Sam and the Firefly and Are You My Mother?

Even with the Little Golden Books there were many books created by such great illustrators as Mary Blair, Tibor Gergely, Margaret Wise Brown and Gustaf Tenggren.


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