Post 3 – How I Voted

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Australian Politics, Blogging About Blogging

It’s only post three and already I am struggling to think of stuff to say. I do know that everyone wants to know who I voted for. By the way I posted early, on Thursday as I am too busy working today to vote. (How can I work and blog at the same time? I must be amazing!) I guess that everyone thinks that I voted for the Labor party in the House and the Senate but it was not that clear-cut.

I did vote for Labor in the House of Representatives, but I also had to have a big think about it. I live in an electorate that has been a safe Labor seat for 100+ years so it didn’t really matter how I voted for the House anyway. I did think of voting Greens, to send a message to my local member who is pretty useless, and to hopefully give him a scare, but decided not to as Labor may need every vote it can get in the House to form a government. (Especially if everyone else in my electorate is as underwhelmed by the local member as I am!)

For the Senate I voted Greens. I know that Andrew Bolt is personally going to over to my house to slap some sense into me but I don’t care. I think out of all of the parties the Greens are the only ones who actually seem like they have a long-term plan. I also think that if the unthinkable happens and the Liberals form a government, the Greens in the senate won’t let them get away with all the crap they will likely try to do.

Anyway I am all electioned out. Thank goodness they only come around every three years…

Oh wait, there’ll be a state election before the end of the year too won’t there. Darn it!


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