Post 15 – The Mark Latham Effect

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Australian Politics
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It’s been dubbed the Mark Latham Effect with there being the highest informal vote since 1984 in this election. Last week on 60 Minutes Latham urged everyone to vote informally as a way of the electorate showing their displeasure at both the major parties. This can also account for the very likely win by the Greens of the previously Labor held lower house seat of Melbourne.

Currently Yahoo 7 is showing that Labor has won 50 seats and the Coalition 34.

Breaking it down state by state so far…


Labor Liberal/National Independent
17 Seats 14 2


Labor Liberal/National
18 Seats 8 Seats


Labor National Independent
5 9 1


Labor Liberal
6 2

Tasmania – Labor 4 Seats

ACT – Labor 2 Seats

Predictions are that Labor will win 73 seats. The Coalition will win 73 seats, there will be 3 Independents and 1 Greens seat.

It could well be a hung parliament.

Most importantly Labor has held the seat of Eden Monaro.

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