24 Posts In 24 Hours – Post 2 – How I Think The Election Will Go

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Australian Politics, Blogging About Blogging

Over the last few weeks we have been told that the election is going to be close and that it could well be a hung parliament. Then again we are told that at every election yet somehow it never works out that way. Who do I think will be Prime Minister in 23 hours time?! Well News Limited have been campaigning very hard for the Liberals and Tony Abbott and it is very rare that Rupert Murdoch backs the wrong horse. I think that it has only been once in living memory, 2007, when the Murdoch media has not endorsed the winner of the election. I hope that this doesn’t come to fruition as I think that Tony Abbott and the Liberals are less trustworthy than Labor but as I have said plenty of times, no one has really inspired me during this election.


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