Top Gear Magazines 100 Sexiest Supercars

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Cars
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I was reading Top Gear Magazine today and saw their article on what they believe are the 100 sexiest supercars ever made. I didn’t buy the magazine and cannot find the list anywhere on-line but I found it a complete failure. I know that it is only opinion but many of the cars mentioned were concept cars/prototypes/ car show specials that were never put into production. Also included were some cars that cannot be classified as supercars such as the…

Peugeot 205 GTi

(yes I know that it won WRC titles but the production car is just a super mini)

and the Lexus LFA

(is just a rebadged Toyota and Toyotas are never sexy)

Citroen SM

(this should be obvious)

Some of the cars were seemingly chosen because they were fast and expensive but there was not thought put into aesthetic values so ugly cars like…

Pagani Zonda

and Bugatti EB110

(it’s Italian, expensive, fast and Michael Schumacher owned one. By this logic Flavio Briatore is the sexiest man alive as he’s Italian, rich and slept with some supermodels)

And worst of all are some of the cars left out of the list such as the…

Corvette Stingray

(good-looking and aggressive)

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

(beautiful like an Alfa should be)

Panoz Esperante GTR1

(better looking than the Mercedes CLK which made the list)

Maserati GT

(as much a supercar as the Lexus)

I made my list of sexiest cars three years ago but feel I will soon update it.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    You do realize that Top Gear released a list that placed the 33 Stradale at 15th? This was the 100 Sexiest Cars of All Time list. The Zonda placed on the same list. The Panoz wasn’t an actual production car. The car there is just a homologation vehicle required for entering Le Mans race cars depending on class. And the Corvette? They hate the Corvette. Except the C6.

  3. Maintain up the great work mate. This weblog publish shows how well you realize and know this subject.

  4. not telling says:

    mate, your an idiot

  5. Millsie says:

    True but can you really look at the Bugatti and call it sexy?! By the way this was Top Gear Australia magazine, I’m not sure if the UK version carried the same article.

  6. Supercar Fan says:

    Dude… honestly… but have you LOOKED at the LFA it has a top speed of 202 thats impressive… then you have to include a variety of tastes… when you look at the Pagani Zonda you might say yuck!!… I agree that car looks terrible, but it is a supercar and car break 200 mph and for the record my friend thinks the car looks good as much as I disagree so before you pick up a magazine and try to rate what you see at first glance, do me a favor and do some research…

  7. Millsie says:

    Yes because how fast a car goes is much sexier than aesthetics isn’t it Dude?! Just because something is powerful it doesn’t mean it’s sexy. Margaret Thatcher was the most powerful woman in the world in the 80s but she wasn’t at all sexy.

  8. Millsie says:

    And by the way, the Lexus is just an expensive Toyota and Toyotas are the least sexiest cars on the planet.

  9. portable gps says:

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    dude u’re an idiot if you think the Pagani Zonda has no aesthetic values, and the corvette stingray does. the pagani is the only car in the world with a design heritage to match pinafarina. the stingray is a piece of metal and plastic with a big noisy engine that corners like a three-legged pig

  11. Millsie says:

    Zonda is still ugly and ugly things are not sexy no matter who designs it or how powerful it is dude.

  12. Barnaby says:

    This is Great! Thank you.

  13. Max says:

    The Panoz is up there with one of the ugliest vehicle on the planet. i don’t care what the LFA is its still sexy. ill agree with you on the maserati though. pretty much anything they make should be on the list.

  14. help says:

    this was a prodigious part thank you for the help.

  15. s2ports says:

    this is primarily your opinion. Fact is, LFA is a super car. And it is sexy. I agree on the rest, but LFA deserves to be on the list

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