Not sure if this is satire or serious

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Australian Politics, Media Watch
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I was trawling though the comments to Andrew Bolt’s blog as I find that it contains some comedy gold, when I came to this comment on the National Broadband Network that Gillard and Labor have proposed.

There is no need to a National Broadband network.
Technology progress is unnecessary when you have a 55k modem.
If people have too much access to information, imagine the terrible consequences.
The NBN is simply a communist plot to empower the unions.
Tracey Conlan (Reply)
Wed 18 Aug 10 (11:07am)

I am not sure if this is a serious but stupid comment or satire although I have seen that Tracey has made some other comments that suggests that she isn’t clever enough to deliberatly be that funny.

Then there is Doc Molloy’s comments

My simple point is, I mean, look today, it’s happening today,’’ she said. Joolya morphs into Joh in the Deep North with Pineapple Pin Head Swan, the dumb c@#t ( as KRudd staffers referred to him). Oh don’t you worry about that, sez Joolya, you just look here and don’t look back I try not to and so does Wayne here because we don’t like what we see.. Don’t you worry about that. There are billions more where those came from we just keep digging them out the ground and then we tax it.. all an illusion.. just keep moving forward nothing to see here, is there Wayne..
No, that’s correct, nothing, Joolya, all smoke and mirrors.. look over there..

Andrew and his moderators should really edit any obviously drunken comments made. especially ones that are so rambling and disrespectful.


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