Dick Smith’s Population Puzzle

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Australian Politics, Australian TV
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I watched this show the other day and am still a bit mystified by it. I don’t understand how Dick Smith hopes to solve the overpopulation of the world by closing the borders of Australia and stopping immigration. It just seems like such a stupid argument. The whole thing just seemed like Dick Smith doing a bit of self promoting, trying to keep himself relevant. From what I gather he wishes that things would go back to the way they were back in the 1950s and that he doesn’t like the changes that have happened to Australia’s population over the last 60 years. Just because things have changed doesn’t mean that things are bad… just different.

At the moment Australia is not overpopulated. Immigration really doesn’t have to slow and the only reason politicians have been brining this issue up is because they sense that there are votes in it, not because Dick Smith has been talking about it. The real problem that Australia has is that governments are too eager to prove that they are good economic managers rather than spending parts of their huge surpluses on the infrastructure and services needed to accommodate the migrants coming in.

I also find it quite hypocritical that Dick is so concerned about climate change and global warming but is very happy to spend most of his time flying around in his helicopter and aeroplane or driving around in his gas guzzling Toyota 4WD. Perhaps Dick should think about reducing the size of his own carbon footprint?


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