Posted: August 14, 2010 in Australian Politics

The Liberals launch their response to the NBN.

The election is just a week away and the Herald Sun has made it clear who they want to win. Rather than give a fair and balanced assessment of both the parties and their leaders the HS is going out of their way to promote Tony Abbott. Just go to the HS website and see. On the front page they have a link to Q&A with Tony Abbott (but have had no Q&A with the PM), a link to all the places that Abbott visited yesterday, a link to Abbott’s educational policy, a link to video of people asking questions to Tony and finally a link to Laurie Oakes  commenting about how the Liberal Party thinks it can win the election. There is not a single link to anything that the Labor Party or the Prime Minister did yesterday, no Q&A for Julia or analysis of her policies. The closest that the HS comes to giving any link to the Labor Party on its website is a link to an article on Mark Latham which features a photo of Latham confronting Tony Abbott.

Still can't get it right.


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