Spam Time

Posted: August 13, 2010 in AOL Australia, Internet, iPrimus

I just received this email from someone who I have never ever given my email address to. Now I don’t agree with spamming people but… what should you do to someone who has spammed you? Here is the email in question…


Firstly, I apologize if this email is being sent to anyone with whom I don’t communicate anymore. GMail saves every person you’ve ever emailed as a contact and I want to get as much coverage if possible. So, if you have no idea who I am, delete this email.

So, in light of Google’s recent decision to try and destroy the Internet, I’m unhappy with them and may, at some point, dump GMail. So, please make the change in your address book. Instead of, please use

I will continue to use GMail as I watch their Verizon deal and see where it goes. But just in case, that Patrick Says address will get mail to me.


Patrick D.

Boxy says to read my blog at

I do get al sorts of rubbish in my old AOL email address and it was annoying when that was my primary email address to have to sort out the crap from stuff I wanted to read. Fortunately I have my new iPrimus address which doesn’t get spam at all… yet.


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