It’s All P’s Fault Again

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Music, TV
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It’s all Priscilla’s fault again. Usually it starts with P asking me whether I can find a particular song that has been featured on the TV show Cold Case. As I don’t watch that show, and because P usually doesn’t know the name of the song that she wants me to find, things are made considerably more difficult. P will hum a few bars of the song, but this generally makes things even more difficult as I generally have no idea of the tune she is humming and later I usually find out that the tune she has been hummed sounds totally different to the one she really wants.

It happened again a few months ago when P asked me to find the song ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ as sung by a guy. This left me totally perplexed although I did initially remember hearing a punk version of the song many years ago. I asked if this was the version she was after but she confused me even more when she said that she had heard that Kevin Rudd had the song she wanted oon his iPod. This obviously ruled out the punk version. I felt like asking P to get Kevin 07 to get the song for her but that would not have gone down very well. I eventually did some investigating around some Cold Case fan sites that had listings of the songs that had been used on the show (perhaps I should have done his first). I found out that the song that P wanted was Somewhere Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World by the late Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

Since I got the song for Priscilla she has been playing it a few times every day and the tune has become embedded in my brain.


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