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Bolters At It Again

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Media Watch

It’s fun to take comments from Andrew Bolt’s blog out of context just for the purpose of making fun of the,m. It’s such an easy thing to do though…
If they spent less on bombs and more on levees…

Phillip……. replied to mh
Thu 26 Aug 10 (02:22pm)

australians returning to a white australia policy should not be construed by neighbours as doing so for any reach of racism – the imperative is entirely economic.

Australian can build bigger prisons, slide into a third world corruption, watch enclaves and ghettos grow in size or the nation could adopt a new immigration policy.

Australia started with a tax rate about 5%. It is now about 30% with falling standards of living.

Immigration and economics are inseparable.

It is your life social engineers are toying with. Failed or imminently failing first world states are genuine indicators of social dysfunctionality.

of course this might be wrong; how would you know?

So we should go back to a White Australia Policy? Huh! Does that mean that we send anyone who is not white back to where they came from, even if they were born here? I’m confused.

And what aid are the oil rich,compassionate,Koran quoting Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia,Libya,The UAE and even Iran giving their Muslim cousins in Pakistan, especially at this time of Ramadan?

If true to usual form, bugger all or none ,let the infidels in the West deal with it they would be saying,and also let those suckers take the refugees that will invariably result from this catastrophe.

Sorry,but after the disastrous UK experience with Pakistani Muslims, Australia must say, NO WAY.

Frank of Malvern
frank (Reply)
Yep Frank, we should just let them suffer. Serves them right for cheating at cricket. BTW I would suggest that all or most of those countries you mentioned are helping out at the moment but you just don’t hear about it. You see, Australia likes to hype up our aid contributions to such a point that we think that no one else is such a good Samaritan as we are. Did you know that Indonesia sent aid to Victoria after the Black Saturday bushfires/ Bet you didn’t?!
Thu 26 Aug 10 (11:15am)

The UN is the biggest joke in the world. It always seem to me to be on the take, corrupt bunch of finger-pointing, up themselves idiots. Rudd should fit in nicely… downer
Aimee of Melbourne (Reply)
Thu 26 Aug 10 (11:47am)

It wouldn’t be a Bolt blog comment without some attack on the Labor Party or our former PM, even if they have nothing to do with the issue at hand. Well played!

marie replied to Sam007
Thu 26 Aug 10 (10:45pm)

Best point of the day.

I did donate to the tsunami fund in Aceh only to find out that the muslim police there had bought 20 000 (some reports say 40 000) skirts to hand out to women they considered improperly dressed.

This was Christmas, a tough time for families and we all went without to ‘help’ these poor people. NEVER again will I give to a Muslim country.

They have a Muslim Police Force? I guess so. Perhaps they considered the women improperly dressed because all their clothing was washed away by the flood? Food and clothing would have been the two things that the people of Aceh needed the most. Being given a skirt is better than being given no clothing at all.

What the hell is the matter with our Government. I, for one still believe that charity begins at home, and resent all the taxpayers hard earned doallrs being sent overseas in any Aid program. Sorry they ruined your Christmas.
Molly Daveson of Cungulla. 4816 (Reply)

So if you saw a stranger dying on the road you would walk past them because charity begins at home and you didn’t know that person. Shows what sort of person you are Molly.

La La La

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Stupid Picture, Stupid Products

I wonder if the above book mentions anything about this

That’s not all they like!
Not sure whether to praise this ad for featuring African-American kids or condemn it for being sexist. Still I guess that this sexism was normal in the 50s, as was having a girl surrounded by a bunch of horny guys while serving their every whim.


Posted: August 28, 2010 in Sports Entertainment

I saw this as someone’s sig in one of the wrestling forums I visit from time to time. I think it’s quite funny, but that may just be my silly sense of humour.

Playforever Toys

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Toys

Above is pictured the range of Playforever toys that is stocked in the Jasper Junior shop. They look very well made and come from the UK but they are very expensive, priced at around the $90-100 mark. I wonder if they have been designed more as works of art for collectors than a kids playthings.

Movin’ Right Along

Posted: August 28, 2010 in Advertising, Sexism

I don’t necessarily agree with the above sentiments.


Posted: August 28, 2010 in Advertising

Another old advertisement that is more artistic and aesthetically interesting than anything that is made today.

I don’t know whether to be excited about these releases or not. I still haven’t bought the Bugs Bunny Hare Extraordinaire or Daffy Duck Frustrated Fowl DVDs that were released at the start of the month (although I plan to). The contents of these two as announced on TV Shows on DVD are as follows.

  • Looney Tunes Super StarsFoghorn Leghorn & Friends: Barnyard Bigmouth:
    1. All Fowled Up (Foghorn)
    2. Fox Terrier (Foghorn)
    3. A Broken Leghorn (Foghorn)
    4. Crockett Doodle Doo (Foghorn)
    5. Weasel While You Work (Foghorn)
    6. Weasel Stop (Foghorn
    7. Little Boy Boo (Foghorn)
    8. Banty Raids (Foghorn)
    9. Strangled Eggs (Foghorn)
    10. Gopher Broke (Goofy Gophers)
    11. A Mutt In A Rut (Elmer Fudd)
    12. Mouse-Placed Kitten (Misc.)
    13. Chese It The Cat (The Honey Mousers)
    14. Two Crows From Tacos (Two Crows)
    15. Crow’s Feet (Elmer Fudd)
  • Looney Tunes Super Stars’ Tweety & Sylvester: Feline Fwenzy:
    7. TWEETY’S S.O.S.

    * Unfortunately all of the Tweety & Sylvester cartoons are already available on DVD. In fact most of the disc looks just like one of the Golden Collection disc (Volume 3, disc 4?) with a couple of different cartoons thrown in.

I will probably pick up the Foghorn DVD but as I already own all of the Sylvetser and Tweety cartoons I will avoid that one like the plague. I have also heard some quite horrendous stories about the Bugs and Daffy DVDs and how it is presented in widescreen despite the cartoons not being made in that way, which has resulted in a lot of details, including characters heads, being cut off.


Posted: August 27, 2010 in Advertising, PSA

Here’s an old ad (circa early 1940s?) about avoiding VD. It kind of reminds me of another ad that was used by the Australian Army in WWII that featured a certain bad tempered cartoon duck.

In case you’re wondering it’s an ad for a vibrator.