Posted: July 20, 2010 in Australian Politics, Internet, Misc Thoughts

I just received an email to say that Julia Gillard was following my Twitter feed. I think it’s just a courtesy thing because I have started following her page though. I am also following Tony Abbott’s twitter feed but he obviously cannot be bothered returning the favour, so naturally enough I did the only sensible thing… I spammed him. Yep I guess it is childish.
It;s weird having the Prime Minister pretending that she’s interested in what I have to say. As I just said Tony Abbott isn’t bothering to follow me while neither Kevin Rudd or Malcolm Turnbull did either. The only other famous person following my rubbish tweets is Yoko Ono.

So if Julia is really following my tweets and taking notice what can I offer her. Well I think that she should perhaps put a little more passion into her verbal stouches with Tony Abbott. Perhaps something a little like this…
I wish politics was more like wrestling. Julie and Tony in a steel cage with Laurie Oakes as a special referee sounds a lot more interesting than a debate in which both leaders are going to tell us lies and whatever we want to hear (regardless of whether they really think that way) because as Tony Abbott would say… they’ve got an election to win.


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