The other day Julia Gillard said that she welcomed the asylum seeker debate and that people who were against asylum seekers weren’t necessarily rednecks. I beg to differ as I have read some of the comments posted on the Herald Sun website about this issue. The most surprising thing (well maybe not) is that the HS isn’t even bothering to moderate the comments now and that a lot of the most vile comments are not getting wiped off the site. Sadly these people get to vote too.

On the topic of West Wimmera Council proposing to process asylum seekers

John of Glen Waverley Posted at 5:26 AM Today
They have their own country and they should stay there. What happened to Australia? I am tired of being part of the only 10% caucasians on the train.

So John you’d vote for whoever proposes to bring back the White Australia Policy in order to fight back the yellow peril invading Australia?!

les.smith of melbourne Posted at 12:08 AM Today
Miss guided fools,you think this will help your communities think again. The Tamils want to set up a new base after being defeated so they can continue on with the war of terror and guess who they picked good old stupid Australia with all its stupid citizens looking on. The same goes for the Muslim’s do you think they will be any different think again,just look at Europe and the U.K to see the results there and these fools in Victoria want to help them achieve there long term plan. One other point look closely at just how well the Muslim Lebanese have integrated and they have had since the 70s to achieve integration and it has not happened yet and never will.

Nope… not racist at all…

A couple of days ago the mayor of King Island also said he’d like to process some asylum seekers there… here’s what people think of that…

Zella of Adelaide Posted at 7:26 AM July 18, 2010
King Island, Mayor if you need more population then take some of out of work Australians not the Back door invaders, there are plenty of our own people who would jump at the chance to live on King Island just try, CHARITY begins at home If King Island takes the illegal people, it will be the last I buy anything branded King Island and I hope other people do the same

Zella have you heard of full stops and question marksm by using them it makes your sentences easier to read and makes you look a lot less stupid, commas don’t really work the same way as those other punctuation forms that I mentioned

rachel Posted at 8:08 AM July 18, 2010
That’s it – I won’t be visiting beautiful KI ever again if we allow this to happen. These people are illegal boat people and are not wanted here at all. All they’ve done is start dividing people on what should happen to them. NOT IN MY COUNTRY, PLEASE. Complete lack of foresight on behalf of the KI mayor and council.

So rachel owns Australia now?

John of Kewarra beach/Cairns Posted at 8:32 AM July 18, 2010
Why not sending these parasites to Antarctica instead and let them freeze for a year.

This is the problem when you have people from other states commenting on Victorian issues… John it is colder in King Island than Antarctica.

Pat Rooney of Eire Posted at 8:47 AM July 18, 2010
They should push people into asylurms. I spent 2 years in one and it was unpleasent.

No comment!

Michael of Rosebud Posted at 9:28 AM July 18, 2010
OMG have that lot gone brain dead down there are is it the result of in breeding. What a bunch of idiots.

Is this the type of robust debate that Gillard wants us to have? One in which we resort to petty insults and offensiveness?

Kelly of Hoppers Crossing Posted at 10:40 AM July 18, 2010
Yeah, and watch all the people smugglers target that island to the point of overflow, this is not a solution but another target for asylum seeker boats to pinpoint on their maps!!! STOP BOATS BEFORE THEY REACH OUR SHORES, now there’s a sensible solution!

Does Kelly know where King Island is? Or where the asylum seekers are coming from? To put it in perspective she thinks that they will sail from Indonesia, down the Western Australian coastline, around the South Australian Basin and then into Bass Strait. This is three times the distance from Christmas Island to Australia.

John of Montrose Posted at 12:17 PM July 18, 2010
These people are not asylum seekers, they are plain and simple queue jumpers with a few terrorists thrown in for good measure. Rudd was a first class dud and Gillard won’t do much better because the same motley crew of advisers are around her and kissing babies won’t cut it either. I can’t see her winning this election unless she starts sending these people back now.


Ernie of Geelong Posted at 3:27 PM July 18, 2010
If that happens I will boycott anything that is produced from Islamic state of Hal Al island

Some more obust debate with some name calling thrown in.

This is why there can be no debate on this issue in Australia. Every time you talk about the refugee issue people start throwing around insults and hysterical comments like the one above. It is also difficult to argue with someone about an issue when the other person has no idea of what they are talking about either.


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