Can’t Wait ‘Til It’s Over

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Australian Politics
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The election was called just three days ago and already I’m bored. Neither Gillard or Abbott has shown any real leadership and I doubt that by the time the election is over either will. Both are just going to tell voters what they want to hear regardless of whether it’s the truth or not because as Abbott said “I’ve got an election to win”. So far all I have heard is a lot of empty rhetoric and policies that have no substance. Both Gillard and Abbott are just trying to seduce us with meaningless slogans and soundbites and try to convince us that their simplistic policies can solve complex issues.

Personally I think that we should get rid of the compulsory system of voting which would mean that if either party wants my vote they would then have to earn it. It would mean that we would no longer have apathetic people turning up to the polling booth on election day casting a vote. Sigh.

A few other things I have learnt so far are…

  • Tony Abbott cannot say the word something correctly. It is not pronounced ‘somethink’. I know this is just a minor thing but it is pacifically somethink that annoys me. I arks Tony to please learn how to speak proply.
  • Tony Abbott sounds like a robot, especially when he is trying to be spontaneous. He laughed at some joke that Neil Mitchell made and it looked as though it was all pre-programmed.
  • I had the Australian Government ring me yesterday to get my thoughts on certain issues. I declined the offer as I find it offensive that they wait until the election is called before asking my opinion on things. Surely they should have been asking me ages ago.
  • I also discovered that like charities, political parties are exempt from the ‘do not call register’.
  • Most people don’t know that there is no ‘u’ in Labor in Australia. It is not that hard to remember. It’s the British Labour Party which has the ‘u’.
  • Apparently Julia is going to get us moving forward if she wins. Does this mean we have been going backward for the last two and a half years?
  • Tony is going to stop the boats coming. How? I know that Andrew Bolt thinks that the people in Sri Lanka and Afghanistan will be shaking in their boots if Abbott wins, as the Liberals are tough on boats and Labor is soft, although I feel that they must have things other than sitting around trying to decipher Australian political policies.
  • I was reading that China has a problem with illegal immigrants (from Africa) too. Is this because President Hu is too soft on illegals?
  • Was watching 60 Minutes last night and saw the Arizona sheriff who locks arrests illegal Mexican immigrants and puts them to work on a chain gang, yet despite this they still come in their thousands across the border. Is this because Arizona is soft on illegal immigrants? Is Tony Abbott thinking of adopting this tactic too?
  • Could Julia and Tony just settle their differences in a steel cage? It would be a lot less excruciating than having to put up with another three weeks of this!

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