Big M

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Misc Thoughts

Over at the official Big M flavoured milk website they are running a competition to bring back one of their long forgotten flavours. Currently Eggflip is narrowly beating both Honeycomb and Blue Heaven whist my two favourite blasts from the past, Jaffa and Choc Berry are a long way behind.

I’m actually surprised that Eggflip is not further in front at the moment considering that it now has its own Facebook group and the fact that it was around for quite a long time compared to the others. I think that the other flavours were all available just once for a limited time, but Eggflip would appear every summer for a number of years.

According to the always accurate Wikipedia there have been other flavours of Big M too. I remember Choc Mint, Vanilla and Choc-Malt but not Lime, Choc Pineapple, Creme Caramel or Choc-Licorice Bullet. Perhaps these are flavours that were experimented with in the early years of Big M?

I would say that my one vice has always been Iced Coffee Big M. I am almost addicted to it. The other day Priscilla mistakenly bought a Golden Circle Iced Coffee which was a big mistake as it tasted like vomit. (This is not an exaggeration either!)

  1. Dianne Young says:

    Hi i am just writing this to let you know that i have old calendars from the 70s and 80s i am trying top find out if they are worth any thing can you help me

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