Alan Howe

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Media Watch

In today’s Herald Sun Alan Howe once again wrote an alarmist piece on how Muslims are going to take over the world. Yawn! Of course Alan’s not racist, he has Muslim friends, although I wonder what they think of his weekly Islamaphobic rants.

Howe’s articles are becoming almost as predictable as those of Andrew Bolt. We all know that Bolt is going to talk about how the ‘warmists’ are going to take over the world with their extremist philosophies and how Kevin Rudd is the worst leader of any country that there has ever been. There is no such thing as global warming according to Bolt, as the world is actually cooling despite what the official records tell us. We also know that he is going to extol the virtues of ‘digging stuff up out of the ground’ and how all the Earth’s resources are there purely for us to exploit. (I wonder whether Bolt has shares in a mining company or perhaps some of his relatives work for Shell.) Up until two weeks ago he was sticking with his argument that oil spills don’t cause any environmental damage, but now he’s dropped that argument (I wonder why) and is going on about how President Obama is harming BP’s share price by blaming them for the events that are happening in the Gulf of Mexico. (Because we know that BP’s share price is much more valuable than the oil soaked animals in the Gulf.)

I could go one about other reasons why I never buy the Herald Sun and only read it if someone else has bought a copy. Even the once reliable sports section has become almost unreadable. I used to read the paper on the tram on the way to work but now I have resorted to reading books. (Shock!)


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