Felix The Cat @ Melbourne International Animation Festival

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Animation, Silent Cinema
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From June 19-27 ACMI is running the Melbourne International Animation Festival. One show on the program that took my eye was the Felix the Cat retrospective featuring films from 1923-1930.

According to the MIAF website the films shown will be

Felix Crosses The Crooks (1924)
Trying to help a policeman with a sore foot, Felix decides to try and arrest a bank robber. From his hiding place under a manhole cover, Felix’s cunning plan begins to take shape.

Felix Gets Broadcasted (1923)
Felix gets magically telexed to Egypt by an angry fisherman after Felix steals his fish.

Felix The Globetrotter (1923)
Felix embarks on an unlikely journey – helped along by angry goat – to find a kangaroo and claim a reward.

Felix In Hollywood (1923)
Felix hatches a cunning plot to sell a whole shop-load of shoes to get the money for enough ham sandwiches to tide him and his friend over on the trip to Hollywood.

Felix Strikes It Rich (1923)
Something’s wrong down on the farm. The chickens ain’t laying and somehow Felix is involved.

Felix Finds Out (1924)
Felix’s tail comes to the rescue with the answers for a maths test. Meanwhile, Felix has to find out (the hard way) what makes the moon shine.

Felix Gets The Can (1924)
A failed fishing trip prompts Felix to make a trip to Alaska where he encounters Bad Dan McStew.

Felix The Cat In The Cold Rush (1925)
After being locked in an ice box and turning into a block of ice, Felix makes an imaginary trip to Iceland.

Felix The Cat In Eats Are West (1925)
Felix improvises an airplane to make a quick getaway when he gets caught stealing a big pile of flapjacks.

Felix The Cat In Flim Flam Films (1927)
(aka Felix The Cat Makes A Movie)
After getting kicked out of a cinema, Felix and the kids decided to make their own films but have distinctly mixed results.

Felix The Cat In Oceantics (1930)
(aka Felix Puts To Sea)
High jinx on the high seas. Felix?s inventive, shape-changing tail saves the day.

The dates that this program will be shown are Sunday 20 June at 7.00pm and Friday 25 June at 9.15pm. Tickets cost $15.00 full and $12.00 concession.


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