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Posted: May 31, 2010 in Hall Of The Lame, Media Watch
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Alan Howe has written another couple of illuminating articles in today’s Herald Sun. Of course in these articles Alan did what he does best, in spreading Islamaphobia to the ignorant that make up part of the Herald Sun’s readership. Today he decided to pick on Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens, because of comments that he made twenty-one years ago saying that Salman Rushdie should be killed for writing the Satanic Verses. Sigh! Perhaps someone should tell Alan that people can change their opinions after two decades, although I’m sure that back in the 80s and 90s Howe was writing nonsensical anti-Islamic drivel (just as I’m sure he will be still writing such crap in another 20 years time!).

The big problem that I have with Howe’s articles is that he often resorts to personal attacks instead of dissecting what they have said. This is just poor, lazy journalism and shows just what a hack Howe really is. Just look at some of the arguments he offered in today’s paper.

That didn’t work. Later he became Cat Stevens and issued a couple of over-produced minor hits – Matthew & Son and I Love My Dog. Others used his songs to much better effect: P. P. Arnold made her name with The First Cut Is The Deepest, while the Tremeloes made the top 10 with Here Comes My Baby.

Umm… I don’t get the point. Alan is writing an article about Cat’s comments about Rushdie but instead turns it into a comment about his music. Of course Alan is a paragon of musical taste as I can remember when he used to host a show on 3AW playing mouldy relics that would help ward off insomnia.

I hope he kept himself nice; a Muslim chap can pay quite a price, perhaps 40 lashes, for pre-marital sex (80, I suppose, if he weakened both times) or worse. Forget TB, Cat, this is getting serious. Mind you, your girlfriends could well have been stoned to death had they been in some Islamic countries.

Of course Howe isn’t anti-Muslim, as he has said in the past some of his best friends are Muslim. (Gotta love the fact that he defends himself by using such an old cliché!) Of course Alan doesn’t mention that Cat had all that pre-marital sex before his conversion to Islam, so those stupid sarcastic remarks that he made mean nothing.

Islam, a yet-to-mature religion whose popular face is too often that of scornful, black-hearted suicide bombers, has a long way to go.

WTF has this got to do with Yusuf’s ancient comments about Rushdie? I wonder what Howe’s Muslim friends (lol) think about this?

Cat Stevens could have used his conversion to Islam for so much good, and I suspect he is an ignorant, rather than bad man.

While Howe tries very hard to make some sort of sense in his main article he is let down with his other two columns from the paper where for some reason he tells us that someone suggested that Cat record Sam Cook’s hit Another Saturday Night (because Cat Stevens is the only artist to ever cover someone elses song!) and worse still, he devoted 250 words to telling us that he sent a photo of Salman Rushdie and his son to Yusuf to… I dunno… I guess he just wants to let us know that he is stirring shit. Next he will tell us of how he has sent a photo of Smokin’ Joe Frazier to Muhammad Ali and a Celtics singlet signed by Larry Bird to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Perhaps the readers of the Herald Sun can help Howe further in his Muslim baiting by making suggestions of what other Muslim celebrities he can harangue, although it would be quite pointless, much like Howe himself.


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