Posted: May 27, 2010 in AOL Australia, Internet, iPrimus, Misc Thoughts

FINALLY I have become a part of the 21st Century. We now have broadband internet. It only took me five years or begging and nagging. Actually that begging and nagging really had no effect whatsoever on the ‘boss’ (Priscilla) as this was not the reason why she decided to give in to my pleading. She has always been adamant that broadband is just a gimmick that we didn’t really need and that to her, there would be no discernible improvement in our internet service. I could claim all that I wanted that we could browse the web 100 times quicker than our dial-up service and it would be less frustrating, but she would never listen. I could even prove that broadband would not cost a single cent more than dial-up but she was never convinced and thought that broadband was good enough. (Sigh!!!)

So what finally changed her mind if it wasn’t my begging? Well, at the beginning of  April we received a letter from our internet provider, AOL, that they would be leaving Australia on May 30th after so many years of dodgy service. We were given the option of joining iPrimus or having no internet service at all.

I should have known that AOL was leaving Australia. I have complained about their lack of service time and again and it seems that over the years things have become progressively worse. There have always been problems with AOL’s crappy browser, while the service has slowed to a crawl, especially when there is a Windows update being downloaded.

I always found AOL to be frustrating and the one good thing they had going for them, the ability to control spam, has since disappeared. Of course the amount of spam that I receive has exploded in the last two years, ever since I joined up with Facebook. Unfortunately all of this frustration could not convince Priscilla to join the broadband revolution and even after AOL notified us that we had to find another service she was still reluctant to get broadband. I had to plead to her again of all of broadband’s benefits and credentials until she finally said “I don’t care anymore, just do it!”

So hopefully now that we have broadband things will be better because if they are not I can just see Priscilla saying “I told you so!”

  1. Burdenko says:

    Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

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